higher end ipods?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jtgotsjets, Aug 25, 2004.

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    so the ibook has the powerbook
    the imac has the powermac

    where's our powerpod?

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    its in fantasy-land along with the Powerbook G5.
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    It'll be a G5 with a color screen, airport, bluetooth, video out, and it'll connect to the Airport Extreme 2, which of course will have video in and out, and it'll do photo slideshows and play and record video, and it'll have a magnetic strip so you can record your debit card onto it and slide it at point-of-sale places and buy things, and get the powerLock kit for your front door and car and it'll sense you when you're near so you won't need a key to get in anywhere, and it'll be a cell phone that uses a bluetooth headset that doubles as your headphones, and it'll have GPS in it and tell you when your friends are close and alert you and do IM and all that, and it's a remote control for the TV, and I think i head the 2G model they'll have a Mach3 shaver in it.

    as for me though, i'm waiting for the powerSight with xRay vision.

    Lee Tom
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    Wow sign me up! :p

    You really put a lot of detail into that one.

    But seriously nobody would need a "power version" of the iPod because it would probably make it bigger, more expensive, and be too much like a PDA. And on top of all that the iPod has a good degree of simplicity in that if someone just want to listen to music it would probably take them less than a minute to figure out.
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    question fear

    don't forget the apple pda.
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    You would think so, huh? But I saw the leaked photos... It's smaller than a mini, and the interface is WAAAAY simpler.

    Lee Tom
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    question fear

    well, i saw leaks of Lioness, aka mac os 10.8, and the interface is actually telepathic, to go with the direct neural link ipod.

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