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Highly Rated iOS Arcade Space Shooter 'Arc Squadron' is Free for Limited Time

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Dec 19, 2012.

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    Our sister site TouchArcade is continuing its new promotion called "Free Play" in which they work with developers to offer highly rated games for free. The latest offering is the arcade-style space combat game Arc Squadron.
    Arc Squadron was originally released this past October and received a 5 star rating from TouchArcade. The game is normally $4.99 and has never been free before. [Direct Link]

    Article Link: Highly Rated iOS Arcade Space Shooter 'Arc Squadron' is Free for Limited Time
  2. ArtOfWarfare, Dec 19, 2012
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    Rails Like StarFox?

    I couldn't resist; I'm downloading it now.

    Honestly, the description hits on a lot of the key selling points I was planning on having for my game... I kind of hope it's not as fun as I think it's going to be with that description (because that'll mean I can compete with it easily...)

    Edit: it's definitely fun and challenging and darn are the graphics pretty... I'm not sure if my game can compete...
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    Cue the Star Fox 64 quotes
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    The heads-up on these free Apps is always appreciated. And this looks like a quality App too, even if it weren't free.
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    Time to upgrade, my 3Gs wont run it. "Front Camera Required" :(
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    Downloading now. Have no idea what this game is but when it goes free I download them :)
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    This is a great game, reminds me of the Sega Mega CD game Silpheed!
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    If you wanna get really geeky and obscure, you could say it reminds you of Soul Star.
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    That too ;)
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    Wonder why you need the front camera. :confused:
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    To determine if you're running iPhone 3GS or lower, iPod touch 3 or lower, or iPad 1 - all of them are with 256MB RAM or lower.
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    Thanks! Looks like a quality game.
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    Great I thought I give it a try then I saw the huge list off In-App purchases. It's yet again a freemium came...am I the only one still comfortable with paying 20€+ for a game/program but it turn expect it to be full-featured from the get go?
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    I hate the freemium business model. This appears to be the worst of both worlds. They were charging for it and selling in app "money".

    I don't mind in app purchases but they should be limited to DLC content and addons rather than a requirement to progress. I also don't mind it when they offer a "lite" version to try with the option to "upgrade" in app to the full version.
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    Never give up! Trust your instincts!
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    Downloaded :)

    This game plays amazing! Nice find!

    Thanks for posting this.
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    awesome thanks!
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    Damn. IAP again? I think I'm going to delete the game right away. Thank you for the update.
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    Wow I would have been pretty pissed with myself if I paid for this game,cause even free it's pretty awful

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