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Mobile OSs Hilarious Siri versus Google Search Video

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by Phokus, Jul 16, 2012.

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    That made Siri look embarassingly worthless! I will say, I wonder if this was ONLY the things Siri failed at. As much as I personally dislike Siri, I can't imagine it bombed everything and Android aced it. I could be wrong, though.
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    Well, these were more complex questions. Seems like Google Search beats Siri in most videos, but they're closer than this. However, those other videos usually feature more 'everyday' questions.

    Edit: It's really baffling (and hilarious :D) how Siri kept on going on about "Stallions" when it had nothing to do with the subsequent questions though.
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    bizarre questions but interesting none the less.
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    JB's Google Now is really amazing. Try it out sometime if you get a chance. Not perfect, but def better than Siri except with calendar appointments imo, since Google only sets alarms rather than real calendar appts.
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    Oh look... yet another Android vs. iOS thread. Just what we needed.

    There are countless other threads that this could have been posted in.
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    Hahaha this was funny!!
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    You should probably lighten up, you sound butthurt.
  9. WRP
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    I'm still not comfortable talking to my electronics.
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    I actually have it on my GNex :)

    I was just trying to say that in that video, Siri was especially terrible. More terrible than I have ever experienced Siri, and I have a pretty low opinion about Siri from personal use.
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    Sounds like a bug or something. I've had issues with Siri where she'll ask you a yes or no question like when doing a Google search. Instead of saying no, you answer with a different question and she'll do what she did in the video.
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    I get that. As it stands now, Google's option is better, hoever I am going to reserve judgement until we get iOS 6.0's Siri. For me, Siri has basically always been worse than simply typing a question into Google, but in this video it was especially terrible (it didn't find anything the girl was asking it to).
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    Siri is a bit snappier in today's beta. She's recently started reading Wolfram Alpha results which are one line, such as an age, or a number, etc.
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    It's so unfortunate that you were forced to open a thread that you don't care about and post in it against your will. Did you file a police report?
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    Google Now didn't find anything either, which is why it showed a web search rather than an answer. But the search is better than nothing.
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    Pretty cool video but you could do the same thing with the Google app for iPhone. I actually use it when I'm on my phone and have a rather lenghty query (that I'd rather dictate than type it).
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    Yeah. I highlighted this in an earlier thread and even made a video of it yielding the same answers Google Now did, but I don't feel we should turn this thread into another Google Now vs Siri debate.
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    "I can't answer that but I can search the world wide", says Siri when there is no real answer. All Google search does is search Google and even when there is no real answer it still just does a google search. Also gives less much less visual info than Siri. Ask Siri a sports question, it pops up enough info to mostly likely answer a second or third question on the same topic. With Google voice you'll have to ask another question, like what was the highest scoring inning.

    As I say in all of these Siri vs google voice threads ..... I just don't see any real winner, by a nose or distance.

    Android fanboys seem to go to great lengths to justify why they feel everything Android is better. It actually turns me off to giving Android another try
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    Siri amazed me big time when I didn’t have the iPhone yet. When I finally had it, the voice commands I gave like opening my email or reading out text messages, opening some apps etc. gave me some form of excitement. But I realized later on that there are some commands that Siri had difficulty in comprehending. Simple commands, yes. I just hopethe iOs 6 will have a better, far better, Siri.
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    i'd like to point out that Google now only did an internet search, where as siri looked up the answer and then asked if she would like for an internet search of which she never responded. Google seems to primarily work like a voice search system where as siri requires forum communication
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    Apple's Siri bad Jailbreak Siri decent I have mine translate languages, tell jokes pull up youtube and jpg pics including scallops etc. I gotta say Android is looking really good though these days. I'm hoping Apple brings it or I may switch. :(
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    You really couldn't see a clear winner in that video? I use Siri and don't even have Google Now and the winner in that video is blatantly obvious.

    I doubt anyone cares about what phone you try or not. Do you think we do?
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    The results for Siri were not good at all. I would guess that they tested questions out before making the video and these questions were used to make Siri look even worse than it normally is. Siri is far from perfect but this would have you believe that it can't do anything. With the two products having different release cycles, I am not sure that this was a fair fight. If the iOS 6 version of Siri were to perform similarly then that would be very disappointing.
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    They definitely tried to make Siri look bad. I just asked some of the same questions with iOS6 beta 3 and she didn't have any problems. Google is faster and there is no denying that but who knows how the extra house power in the iPhone 5 will help siri's speed. Honesty I never used Siri after the first week I had it but since iOS 6 I have used it quite a bit.
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    Google Now is superior to Siri. It's like Siri is a 4/10 and Google Now is a 8/10.

    So what? That's just one feature, the iPhone still has the best camera, the best build quality, better app store, better resale value.

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