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Hinge too tight on unibody?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by uicandrew, Jan 28, 2009.

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    My new week old unibody macbook hinge is so tight that when i open it, the rest of the macbook slides back a bit.

    I have seen radtech's glide kit to adjust the tightness of the hinge of the old macbooks and powerbooks but nothing has been mentioned of the unibody.

    my macbook is cosmetically and pixel-wise perfect so i'm reluctant to bring it to an apple store (which is already 3+ hours away from me) to get it "fixed"

    anyone else here with the same problem?

    (i've already searched these forums for "hinge" and people have talked about the hinge being too loose, but not too tight)
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    I don't really see how this is a PROBLEM...
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    My main concern with this is undue wear and tear that would cause premature and irreversible damage.

    the reason why i bought it (despite having a cheap hackintosh MSI Wind for $300) is that the unibody is inherently more sturdy. i want this macbook to last for a while.

    I view this as being similar to "stripped screws" in the sense that, yes, it IS more secure ...... for now. but in the future, it would lead to problems.

    in the words of "Seinfeld," Serenity now!..... Insanity later.
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    actually, this is a good thing. When it first came out, lots of users complained about the hinge being too weak, thus not being able to maintain the screen's position when used vertically (eg. while lying down in a sofa). See this and this.

    I hope this tighter hinge solves that problem...
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    It's normal.

    I'd rather have it too tight than too loose, personally.
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    Believe me when i say your incredibly lucky, whatever you do dont take it to an Apple store and ask them to loosen it.
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    regarding the macbook pro video that diazj3 posted of appleinsider


    I can't close or open the lid by one hand without having the whole notebook move.

    it i hold it vertically, the lid doesn't move, but I use my laptop on a table, not on my lap.

    my old 17" mbp actually had a loose hinge where it would fall when held vertically.

    I still view it as a problem (if the macbook stayed still when opening and closing, it wouldn't be a problem)

    I guess I got the bowl of porridge that is too cool instead of too hot. i'm waiting to see if i can get it just right.
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    Mate Id rather the hinge be tight then it just fall

    My Blackbook is so loose that it simply falls when lifting it and then leaning it towards you. Hopefully Apple will repair problem
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    It'll loosen up in time...

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