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History of Mac design

Discussion in 'Ten Million Post Contest' started by jayducharme, Jun 2, 2010.

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    It was really tough to get this animation down to 30k. My first attempt was a 10 second loop, but it totaled 300k. I pared it down to just the bare essentials.

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    Nice trip through the history there. It is a shame that it had to be cut back, perhaps once the competition is over you could post the full version.
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    I actually like the rough feel and how the color is stripped out. It ties all the pictures together. It's more unique this way than if it had just been a series of the original color photos.

    Sometimes limitations lead to an even better result. :)
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    That's the story of my life. :D
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    I really like it!:)
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    I like the "trashy" look and the colors - nice work! :)
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    this is actually the most amazing thing i have ever seen. The fact that you could make this be only 30k is amazing. I love it! :D:D:D:D:D
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    The original

    For the curious, here was the original design, at a whopping 300k. I agree with others -- the shorter version is better.

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    mines now
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    I actually like the 'grungy' one better, for some reason. It gives a neat, fun, cohesive look. :D Good work.
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    It's funny how the Apple 2 computer booted up faster than any of the macs we have today.;)
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    The pared down version is definitely better than the original. Funny how that worked out :p
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    The pared down one is better except for one thing: The rainbow Apple logo. I couldn't tell it was supposed to be rainbow. I thought it was just an Apple logo with a stripe through it.
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    Wow, very nice logo. Gotta say I'm jealous, wish I could do the same.
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    I like the first one :D

    Awesome when Steve's face suddenly Appears :p

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