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HL2 on macbook pro....drivers soon?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by OSXpert, Mar 19, 2006.

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    OMFG!!!!!!!!!! If they fix the fan issue I will be loading Windows on sooner than I thought!
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    yeah, i posted before clicking the link, thinking they were talking about the earlier video of it running on a mini. whoops.
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    Except... its running on a MBP.
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    in the video its a powerbook, not a mac mini. Its a different video.

    EDIT...Sorrry for the double post
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    Ahem, MacBook Pro. ;)
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    Sheesh, I guess I'm just really excited. :) Steve Jobs even mispoke and said powerbook at the mac mini/iPod hifi announcement, so i don't feel THAT bad. Thanks for the reminder though.
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    Interesting, very interesting indeed.

    I hope someone nails some x1600 drivers down.
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    hey this is awesome news. I thought we would never find any solution to the video driver problems.
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    Holy Hell!

    My X1600 will be running Generals playing with my PC buddies in no time at all!!!!
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    Hold up guys..

    Did the drivers to get the Ethernet/AirPort working come out yet? Because, I'm sure you need to be connected to the Internet to actually play any Steam game.

    Well, at least I do..
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    Those were pretty much the first working drivers anyone found, so no worries.
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    Oh, well okay then. This is great.

    Now if I only had an Intel Mac...
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    I'm not sure if they have figured out the drivers problem. Maybe it was just the camera, but it looked like they were getting maybe 10-20 fps in a part of the game with no action. Could that be acheived without the drivers?

    However HL2 with 20 fps is better than no HL2 at all.
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    Okay, you're off the hook then.
    As for the drivers... I'd like to see some higher framerates and a system properties dialogue box that says "Video: ATI x1600"
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    There is no way that game would even boot without some sort of drivers working.

    As for the frame rate, it's too hard to tell the fps of the game, because the fps of the video is so bad! Take a look when he is doing other things, the camera is constantly shudding.
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    Looks to me like whoever took the video did it with an iSight. At one point in the video the camera keeps trying to focus then unfocus, and sometimes randomly changes the brightnes. Those two things always happen to me when I'm using my iSight.

    My $.02
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    looks definitely fake to me. notice how as soon as the game "starts" that he doesn't once move the camera again? riiiiiiight.

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