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Hmm, Who else is waiting for the G5 eMac

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by combatcolin, Jan 15, 2005.

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    Before they make an Apple hardware purchase?

    If Apple can make a 1.42Ghz Mac for £400 i wonder what a £550 eMac will be like.

    Unless, of course they EOL it.

    Which would be very wrong.
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    Yeah...I'm willing to bet the G5 cooling issues vary COMPLETELY from G4. I wouldn't hold your breath for a G5 emac, the powerbooks MUST come first. Besides, the eMac is supposed to a cheap, education or low level consumer machine, not a revolutionary step forward.
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    I'm waiting for ANY updates to the eMac. lol. I've been waiting a few weeks and am ready to pick up the phone and order as soon as there's an update.

    It has been 277 days since the last update. I'm hoping for bumped specs or price drops around the time that the Powerbook are updated (possibly Tuesday).

    I would even be happy with a bump to 1.33, 1.42, or 1.5 GHz.
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    They need to update the eMac very soon to make it attractive because the Mac Mini is faster and cheaper. ;)
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    I am guessing 1.33 or at tops 1.42 to keep the iMac competitive. :)
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    Anything like that will be FINE with me. :) I just *really* don't want to buy right now, when the current configuration and price is 9 months old. Let's go Apple, eMac updates ASAP. ;)
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    I'm waiting for a good eMac update.

    The Mini is nice, but the laptop drives and 1 RAM slot are not for me. The video card I might have overlooked if it had dual outputs. I know, what do I expect for $500? And I expect it to be popular, but it's not for me. If they update the eMac to a 1.6 G5 with a 64MB video card and at least 2 RAM slots, I will be happy. Even if it's $999 US. Even better if they lopped the head off, but I'm not expecting it. The VGA out is fine for me. Even a G4 maybe if the price is right. Maybe it will even come in colors. :p

    If the update isn't great, or if they EOL it, maybe I'll wait for a Tower or iMac update, and hopefully a price drop.
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    Yeah I've been wondering what apple is going to do with the emac. It was intially launched as the low-end mac but with the mac mini now entering the market that sort of figures that one out. Furthermore its hopelessly old technology. Sure it runs a G4, etc. but I mean come on... Who still wants a huge CRT sitting on their desk? Just for that reason it wouldn't surprise me if Apple kills it off. It doesn't fit with Apple's modern and high quality image. I suspect the Emac will slowly disappear of the apple store site and be completely replaced by the mac mini.

    But hey, what do I know!
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    If Apple can make a G5 1.6 eMac with a 64Mb 5200 for £550 then im very tempted

    Having that extra RAM slot makes a world of differance and i for one quite like CRT's and think the eMac has a great design.

    A system bus of around 400Mhz would be ok for me too, but i would still wait for Tiger :)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Rumors did seem to confirm that an eMac G5 was to be released. That was before the Mac mini.

    For myself I would rather try and wait for an Mac mini G5. Have an eMac, and it is nice, but a real space hog, and with other monitors and keyboards around, the mini is more attractive to me.
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    I LIKE THE EMAC TO, but, the crt display is not anygood, in color matching, as my viewsonic P90f, the emac has a "dark" filter that makes editing impossible, everything looks beautiful, but's not real!!!
    And normal 17" CRT displays, can hold more resolution, like 1600x1200!, like the old and beauty 17" apple display! (i like that one)
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    Ambrose Chapel

    just a quick note, particularly for people outside the US. this monday is a holiday (martin luther king jr b-day), so this tuesday may not be an update day. i'm sure someone could check and see if apple has released updates on a tuesday following a holiday, but if nothing happens this week don't despair!
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Why would the Holiday mean no updates on this Tuesday?
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    emac discontinued

    Rumor has it that the emac will be discontinued. It makes sense since the mac mini is affordable and compact. Emac is great but it is bulky and heavy by today's standards
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    Maybe the eMac G5 will dump the CRT... It seems that the new iMac leaves a hole in the 15" display category. So... maybe the new eMac will be a slower G5 with 15" LCD and a 17" LCD for the top end. (Perhaps just 15" LCD all the way around).

    I can't see Apple developing a new Mac that uses CRTs.
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    Please give a link to this rumour. It will come as a surprise to many on this board... and has not been trailed anywhere.

    The eMac is perfect for what it originally was designed for – an educational computer. Solid, robust, hard-to-steal...
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    *chuckle* :p Sounds like no one knows what's happening, and won't until the line is updated, dropped, or something is leaked from inside Apple. I think a bump is most likely. There'd be too big of a gap in the computer line if the eMac were dropped. The desktops would go from a $500 mini to a $1300 iMac. TOO BIG of a gap there.
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    I'm pretty sure we won't see updates next Tuesday, regardless of the holiday in the US. Why? Because it's been a mere week since MWSF, so they can't already remove iMac mini, iPod shuffle, iWork and iLife 05 from the homepage. Nothing will happen before Jan 25, I wouldn't hold my breath for any update in the month of January. Early February seems more likely.
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    I guess what (s)he read was mere speculation. I came across such speculation, too, but can't remember where I read about it. Anyway, I'm pretty sure the current eMac will be discontinued within the next 3-15 months because of its CRT. How it will be replaced remains to be seen. There are a few possibilities: 15" iMac, Mac mini edu edition that comes w/ mouse and keyboard (and perhaps a 17" cheap Apple LCD), or a new AIO form factor w/ 15" or 17" LCD display.
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    Interesting point, but I don't think Apple would put an 80 MHz speedbump announcement on their home page. If the eMac gets bumped to 1.33 GHz, that's all it would be. (1330 - 1250 = 80 MHz bump). I think it would be more of a "matter of fact" silent update.
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    emac sales?

    Has there ever been a time when Steve Jobs discusses emac sales? I wonder what they are and if they are significant. If they can sell and make more money with the mac mini, I don't see why they would continue with the heavy.

    The emac is the oldest and weighs 55 pounds.
    Imac G5 is 4 months old and is 18 pounds
    Mac mini is just 7 pounds.

    What do you think a desktop user would rather have around the house?
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    They're bundled with iMac sales. The don't break them down. Unfortunetly.
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    Ambrose Chapel

    it doesn't automatically mean no updates. but i can see apple waiting for a tuesday during a normal work-week. it was more a pre-emptive post for people sure new products would come out tomorrow. ;)
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    Ambrose Chapel

    one or two MWSFs ago, they released speed-bumped power macs shortly after the expo. i can't remember if it was in february or late january though...but that would give a reasonable timeframe for the PB/eMac update.
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    Yeah, just like there can't be an iMac G5, the PowerBooks MUST come first. :rolleyes:

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