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hob - "Say hello to the new iMac"

Discussion in '3,000,000 Post Contest' started by hob, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. hob
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  2. hob
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    OK, hello all!

    I made this iMac switcher ad in After Effects, just before the 24" iMac came out. I should probably update it!

    The music is IZ-US by Aphex Twin from the Come to Daddy EP.

    Enjoy :)
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    Staff Member

    Very well done!
  4. Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    it won't load for me - anyone else with that problem?

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    Loading fine here.

    Sexy iMacs.

    Any way to display the Apple logo for a second or two longer at the end?
  6. Administrator

    Doctor Q

    Staff Member

    It loads OK for me if I am patient.
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    Wow that was cool. Great job hob! :D
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    It takes a while yes, but great job hob :D
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    Agree. Well done.
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    I liked it quite a bit - it would be nice, too, if Apple could figure out a way to show off its operating system (although that would be nearly impossible to do in 30 seconds!)
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    Wow, that was sweet!

    But yes, make that Apple logo appear for an extra 1.5-2 seconds or so. :)
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    Wheres the 24"?
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    *Sigh* You didn't read the thread/posts did you?
  14. hob
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    Well, yeah - I played around with that, I just thought it went well with the music as it is, but maybe I'll re-hash it and add a 24" as well...

    i don't know why that is, it seems to take a lot longer than last night when I uploaded it.

    I've mirrorred it on YouTube, but of course it's nothing like as good quality, and to make matters worse it comes out in the wrong ratio!
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    Very Nice! Love the music also.:)
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    Nice one

    Fantastic work mate
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    Hah, that was really cool! Well done.
  18. dcv
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    Very nicely done indeed :)

    (and I had no probs with the loading speed)
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    I agree with posts above - fantastic. :)

    Maybe you could 'redo' it and mention Front Row and the built-in iSight in the features list?
  20. hob
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    Thanks for all the compliments :)
    I'm working on it as we speak! Expect something by tomorrow morning!

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