hold your mules!

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by redeye be, Jun 17, 2005.

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    redeye be

    What is the world comming to?

    This article caught my eye on the subway this morning.
    I'll (trie to) translate the more important parts.
    Damn it's hard without auto correction ;)


    Thank god my girlfriend always takes her dog when she goes walking the rural areas.
  2. Ugg
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    Maybe he found someone's stash of Viagra. That is sort of scary though, especially if he's trying to do sheep as well.
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    I think that the animal psychiatrist is correct. Have had experience with a female dog in heat and also a male around. A male becomes very aggressive. It meant trying to keep them physically separated. Although our make dog never went to the same extent as the mule in the article.
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    redeye be

    Thank god the dog my girlfriend takes out on walks is a 'cut' male.
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    There is a video very similar this on ebaumsworld. Hilarious.
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    Reminds me of an ex-girlfriends favorite joke about "Brewster the Rooster"

    The punch line was "Shh.... Buzzards"
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