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Holographic Keypad.....reality

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by teabgs, Aug 5, 2003.

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    "A DECADE ago, R. Douglas McPheters wrote a novel. "It was a thriller about a Manhattan loan shark operating in what's left of the Soviet Union," Mr. McPheters, a former banking and securities lawyer, recalled. He never did publish the book, but he became fixated on one of his fictitious inventions: a holographic keypad that floats in midair."

    NY TIMES need FREE subscription
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    Very cool. Eventually virtual porn will become a reality.
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    Mr. Anderson

    That is cool stuff, but I don't see it being mainstream anytime soon. Price of a holo keyboard or a regular one? These things probably aren't all that cheap.

    Weird note, he lives in my old home town (where I grew up) of Darien, Ct. :D

  4. TEG
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    Well we're now one step closer to Holodecks/grams, All we nee now it to make this 3D

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    Powerbook G5

    So when can I get a holographic keyboard on my PowerBook?:D
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    Weird... my boss lives in Darien, Ct. If she catches me writing this, I'm dead.:eek:
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    For your sake I hope that your company doens't have software to monitor what sites you visit! :p

    I wonder if we will have an affordable holographic keypad available in our lifetime? It sounds pretty cool. It reminds me of David Pogue't talk at MWNY '02. The future of the Mac with no keyboard or monitor!
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    Powerbook G5

    Now that would blow people away at Paris next month if Steve evokes the built in holographic keyboard command in Panther and demonstrates the *new* Apple Pro holographic keyboard and virtual mouse that coordinates cursor movements with eye movements. There have been rumors of wireless input devices, but who would care about bluetooth keyboard/mice after that!
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    That's really cool. Heh..I'd like to see an Apple Pro Holographic keyboard too, but I'm not counting on it. ;)
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    Very nice. Holotechnology has not come as far as it could have, so we need things like this to give us a push. By 2003 I would have expected to have mastered contained holograms and be working on free holograms... Instead we're just getting to contained. Things like this (and that globe-holodisplay) are a great first step...

    and we haven't even begun figuring out force-fields (except a few bastard scientists that have claimed it's impossible), so how the hell are we going to have The Doctor from Voyager in my lifetime??

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    ...while you are waiting for the holographic stuff, check this out:

    not commercialy available quite yet either, but imagine sitting in a restaurant and busting out one of these... ;)

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    Why would you need it when you could create holograms of *real* people?


    But a holo keypad... I dunno I want to *touch* something and it still takes up space when on, I'm not sure what the plus is...
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    Keyboard tech

    Here's what I want.

    I want a keyboard that displays the current keyboard layout onto the keyboard. Perhaps, have clear keys, and then have the lights underneath the keyboard come on and show sort of a bitmap representation of the keys. Underneath key would be something like this:

    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o

    and then some of those would turn on to show letters, or numbers:

    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o

    and then, when i Press shift, it changes to this:

    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o
    o o o o o o

    Or perhaps something more attractive. This would be incredibly useful (and cool), because I want to learn Dvorak but am too cheap to buy a diff. keyboard, and don't want to pop my keys off because it's a relatively expensive keyboard (logitech cordless navigator duo thingy i think)

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