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Holy eMacs for sale batman...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by nospeed411, Dec 9, 2010.

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    Figured I would pass this along. I was browsing craigs this morning and found the holy grail of eMacs...this guy must have a 100 of em.

    I am gonna give em a call a little later and go pick up a few for giggles. He also has a few clamshell Ibooks for 25 bucks each and they all work. So if you are in the Southern PA/Northern MD are I think this may be of interest.

    PS anyone tells my wife I will hurt you:D
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    Hot damn makes me wish I was in the east coast right now. If I were him I would cluster all them and start folding@home! Could you imagine the score you would get everyday?!
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    Yes. Probably less than a single Mac Pro, but with the power consumption of 200 Pro's. Totally worth it! :rolleyes:
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    tom vilsack

    yes hello aircanada i need a flight to newyork asap!!!!

    humm wonder what it would cost to ship a clamshell to vancouver...hint hint
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    I would be more than willing to go pick one up and ship it to you...hit me up on PM if I can help ya out.
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    i would want one but i wouldnt know what to do with it, run Mac OS 9 apps?
    oh the childhood memories xD
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    Those aren't eMacs, those are Alien facehugger eggs. Be afraid!
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    wow i only have 3 of them (but 1.42's), but would love to make a eMac wall :D
    who cares about power consumption if you got fun with Mac's :confused:

    the easiest way to safe energy is to switch off the computer if you are concerned about your electricity bill
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    Oh heck, if only they were iMacs...
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    I was definitely going to ask if you could snap me up a clamshell iBook, but I texted him, and he quoted me $100 for one. :eek:

    I would love to pick up an iBook for a relative of mine that's not necessarily tech savvy, but definitely interested in learning. A fun little simple laptop would be just what she'd like, but not a 10 year old one for $100.

    If you can get one with the Charger and Wifi for $25, please, do let me know. :)
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    I am trying to get a hold of him today...he had an ad on there for 4 of em for 100 bucks picked up.
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    Will be going to DC in a few weeks so I may have to make a little detour :D I wonder how many I can fit in my car? lol.
  13. SkippyThorson, Dec 12, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2010

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    I would only shell out the $100 for four if I knew I could sell the other three at a profit. I really know I'd only want to give one as a gift. If I could sell the other three to get my total purchase price back I'd do it. Anyone follow Craigslist? Anyone still want these things other than me? :p

    NoSpeed411, if you can just get one, please snag it up! I don't care what color as long as it works fine! :) However, if he really wants to sell the four, what would you guesstimate shipping would be to Utica NY? Not positive I'd want all four...

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