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Home Sharing... ??

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ^^ CoolMacLover, Sep 30, 2010.

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    ^^ CoolMacLover

    So reading over the Help in itunes and the manual online for the new apple TV, they all say I need to turn Home Sharing on. Do I have to though? >.> I cant find where it says I dont need to use it... Please tell me this thread is a waste of time and I can just stream from my mac without needing Home Sharing on. :D
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    I'm pretty sure turning Home Sharing on is what allows your iTunes library to be accessible by other units/computers.

    Why don't you want to do this?
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    ^^ CoolMacLover

    NVM, I kinda didnt really know 100% what it was, I thought it had something more to do with sharing the files over the internet. :eek:
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    home sharing. meaning sharing in your home on devices that are running on your home network. not on the internet
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    I have a question about home sharing... I have it turned on and streaming from my mac just fine. BUT does iTunes have to be open on my mac in order for home sharing to work? In my understanding, it should work without iTunes open, as long as my mac is on and logged in to my account. I couldn't find anything in the manual that said otherwise. But when itunes isn't open, my library does not show up on my apple tv.

    So is that just a given requirement (having itunes open) or am I just missing something?
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    Mr Kram

    yes, itunes has to be up and running on all machines for home sharing to work.
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    I've had this turned on for a few weeks now on my HTPC Mac Mini and my main iMac, I have it set to auto sync my purchased music but it never does :mad:

    It's pretty rubbish, but I presume it will be essential for the new atv.
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    So what if the difference between going to my preferences/sharing and turning on file sharing, which is what i thought i had to do to be able to stream from my iMac to my Apple TV (1 gen) or turning on home sharing from within iTunes?
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    Home sharing allows syncing between machines, but as I have mentioned, I am yet to get mine to work automatically :rolleyes:
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    Mr Kram

    mine works great. have you checked the "automatically download to itunes folder" to see if it's at least queuing everything up?

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