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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Moccasin, Jul 30, 2011.

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    I'm currently reviewing my home media setup and have been reading this forum a fair amount recently.

    My sense is that all the building blocks are in place to allow people to have a seamless home media setup with minimal faffing about yet for whatever reason it isn't possible to do it all simply and easily.

    For example my Sony Blu Ray player can pick up and play music from my ReadyNas Duo but only if in MP3, my Squeezebox Boom in the kitchen can't apparently play music bought in iTunes and doesn't work with AirPlay.

    I am frustrated that Apple aren't seeing the enormous potential of developing a home media unit that can serve (and possibly hold) all my media around the house without having my computer turned on or leaving my iPhone docked in a speaker dock. The ATV with TC and airport express seems closest but even then is not able to serve music without iTunes running on another computer somewhere.

    Yes the NAS can run an iTunes server but it's hardly intuitive and would be hopeless for anyone without the patience and knowledge to be constantly upgrading firmware, re-scanning libraries.

    Apple are great at developing concepts that work seamlessly and they could make serious cash if they developed an integrated media box that could run iTunes (either from external or inbuilt storage) and serve to TV, stereo speakers and any AirPlay enabled device in the house.

    If anyone can point me to a low maintenance system that does all this but doesn't break the bank, I'll be happy
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    I'll Try

    I have an iMac (see specs in sig. file) ipad2 iPhone and ATV 2nd generation.

    Connectivity works thus:

    All Apple kit is wireless and streaming is dealt with via a Draytek wireless router which is connected to high speed BB modem.

    The ATV unit has only 2 connections:
    1) HDMI which is connected to an LG 7.1 DTS Blu-Ray system.

    2) Optical cable for sound, connected to the same LG unit.

    3) LG is connected to a Toshiba Regza 42 Inch LCD TV which also has a wireless adaptor (dedicated Toshiba dual band)

    I can stream all media from my iMac, iPad or iPhone in addition to accessing Youtube Flikr etc.

    The heart of the system is the high quality router. It cost's but without it the whole shooting match would stutter like mad.

    I have a 50mb BB connection which also helps. The LG is also a DNLA server, but I don't need to use it as such because Airport deals with it all.

    It took me a while to configure, but it now works as it should,and what you are aiming for. I can only vouch for compatibility with the kit I have, but it works like a dream. If you want full specs, PM me and I will try and help....Might be able to resolve the issues you are currently having.

    I will be off-line for a while now, but back later on this afternoon.
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    Sounds like I need to fundamentally re-think my setup. Sadly I don't have the money to upgrade everything and I'm reluctant to invest heavily in case something ideal is around the corner.

    My AV receiver is old and has no HDMI input/output so maybe that's the first thing to change and allow me to upgrade other elements later. Denon and Marantz do one with AirPlay potential but that's £500.

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