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Honolulu, HI anyone?

Discussion in 'Leopard Event Meetups' started by HawaiiMacAddict, Oct 21, 2007.

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    Aloha everyone,

    I can't believe that I'll be the only person in line in Honolulu hehehe :D I'll be in line at the Ala Moana Apple Store - this is my first Mac OS X upgrade, as I just made the switch last year, but I really love the Apple Store experience when I purchase Apple products. It was insane for the iPhone launch - I can't imagine what it'll be like for the Leopard release. Plus, I have a chance to get a stuffed Leopard for my wife hehehe :D

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    Aloha Friday it is!

    I'm planning to be there as well. If I can convince my wife to go shopping we'll be fine! I've been waiting for this upgrade for a while and think it will make my experience that much better! Now I just have to find a way to get the new iWork and iLife too!:apple:

    I wonder if there will be a crazy line!!!:D
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    Aloha Omideus,

    Judging solely from the (lack of) responses, I would guess that we'll be the only two in line :D That way, we'll be assured of getting our t-shirts :D BTW, have you seen anything about Apple giving out leopard plushies as well? My wife would LOVE to get one of them, although she's not an Apple user (yet :D)

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    I'd be there but I'm currently in SF so I may go to the store here.

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