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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by virividox, May 15, 2004.

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    Wow, does that seem a little bit high?
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    considering he posts only 10% not really

    This on the other hand raises a few eyebrows as to how the "girls" allowed him to vidoe tape them and "touch" them, then turn around and sue him :rolleyes:

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    this happened a few months ago, im shocked that CNN seems to have just found out about it.
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    I saw this on netscape.com a few months ago. I believe most of those articles come from CNN.
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    guess i blanked on the first part, it said he was arrested Friday... it makes sense now. :rolleyes:
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    I thought it was know for it's chicken wings. That's why I go there. Besides, most of the girls really aren't that pretty, just swanky.
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    It could be that the girls like many are taking a chance to make some money. Most photographer do touch you in order to position you properly for the picture.
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    you should hit up our Hooters (Santa monica, or Pasadena)...
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    The waitresses are cute enough. They wear too much makeup and tend to be on the short side (There is one at the local one, I swear she wouldn't have to bend over to... never mind) As for scantily dressed the waitresses at most of the sports bars wear less.

    Hooters has great burgers, and incredible wings (my wife loves them) and the service is excellent. (You order a pitcher and they pour it for you.)

    The reputation is far worse than it actually is.
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    They have darn good wings. I think I will have to pick some up tonight. And I would agree, the rep is far worse than the actual thing.
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    For the record, you're not supposed to photograph applicants...but yes, it's a bit odd that a group of young former cheerleaders would apply for a job in which they fully intended to make best use of their scantily-clad bodies and false charms for the purpose of eliciting bigger tips now have the 'civic duty' to file a lawsuit in the hope that no other woman will have to suffer the same kind of shame and degredation of being treated like the cheap pieces of meat they were hoping to become.
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    has anyone considered maybe he placed video cameras in their dressing/locker rooms? they most likely don't wear the hooters uniform to work, thus requiring a change of outfit when they get there. not to mention this guy had taped several thousand women in a span of a few months, ranging from something like 17 to 25? Girls that are only 17 can really work at a Hooters restaraunt? that's disgusting.
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    They aren't allowed to serve alcohol until they are 18 but they could be a hostess or do other things. Actually they might be able to serve alcohol but not tend bar. Aside from limits on working hours for still being a student I can see no reason not to allow them to work there.

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