Hot Hard Disk in iMac G5

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by alexprice, Mar 13, 2005.

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    Hi there, I have measured the temp of the internal hard drive to be 55 degrees celcius, surely this is too hot?

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    Hi Alex,

    I came out of lurk mode and registered just for this topic! I have the 20in iMac G5 and have concerns about my hard drive temperature too.

    My hard drive is the stock 250gb Maxtor, and having dowloaded Hardware Monitor I found it to be running at about 53 C, but the SMART temperature reading is about 74C. This has been discussed alot on the apple forums, and the consensus is this is hot!

    However, when I discussed it with the the apple techs, they had no idea. I had downloaded the Maxtor specs, but they were unaware of such specs and not heard of Hardware monitor. My solution is to carefully back up to an external hard drive!

    But, aswell as concerns that the drive is too hot for its own good, I was worried about the knock on effect of this heat. The display can get very hot for example, and surely this heat is spreading internally. But as I say, the apple techs I talked to didn't share my concerns.....

    Phew, my first post, and I go and on........ :)
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    I used to be into PC's before macs see
    the hard drive I had in there used to measure 35 degrees celcius max. I'm not sure what the heat would do to the screen on the iMac G5, between the screen and the drive is like a foil material, so maybe that reflects the heat back???
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    I didn't know about the foil, but there is more heat on the display in the area where the hard drive is. But I guess this is to be expected to a degree.

    I have nosed around pc forums, and have seen that pcs generally are running cooler. A mac user in one forum posted temps similar to ours and the pc users responded with horror!

    I am just grateful that I invested in applecare, and an external hard drive!

    Have you discussed the temperature with apple?
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    I already know what the answer will be.

    "There are no issues with the drives in the iMac G5's"

    I suppose only time will tell, I would imagine that after a good few months we will be able to tell if theres an issue when loads of drives failing.

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