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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Eric4082, Jan 29, 2011.

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    I will be travelling to the US soon and want to purchase a new laptop there instead of in Europe. I want to know:

    Is that possible, can I buy a laptop from apple in the US

    Will the package arrive in time

    Will the hotel take delivery of it for me

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    It might be possible but please, contact the Apple store and ask. Anyway, it would be easier if you bought it from a retail store instead
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    The reason I ask is because I want a non-standard configuration. So, if the credit card I use isn't registered in the US, I can't buy the laptop?
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    With non-US credit card, you cannot buy it form the online store. You can, however, buy it from an Apple Store. What configuration are you looking at? Most Apple stores stock some BTO models, at least the ultimate versions of 11" and 13".
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    I would like the 2.13 Ghz processor and 256GB storage, RAM doesn't bother me but if I can only get 4GB instead of the 2GB model with the previous specifications, I will. Would a retail store stock these models?
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    Retail stores usually stock the ultimate 13", i.e. 2.13GHz, 4GB RAM and 256GB SSD. No need to buy it online
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    The retail stores in big cities stock the "ultimate" models. Some of the suburban stores might not have them, but those in tourist locations will. If you get to a store and they say they don't have them in stock, ask them to check the stockroom in back. Often times they will be there.

    If you are getting the 2.13GHz version, I'd highly recommend getting 4GB, anyway. Actually, if they have them in stock, I'd take a 1.86GHz model with 4GB and 256GB SSD over one with a 2.13GHz processor and 2GB RAM. If you have more than one program open, the extra RAM will boost performance more than the faster processor.

    You might check if online stores like MacMall will ship to a hotel and accept your overseas card. They usually have lower prices than Apple.
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    No store will accept a non-US credit card with a US delivery address.

    However if you found a site that uses PayPal or Google Checkout you could possibly do it.
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    I work in a hotel (in Europe) and we do take delivery for clients.
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    1. I'm not sure on this.

    2. It's been my experience with Apple that my packages always get to me within 2 days. And I've ordered an iPod nano, 3 different iphones, MacBook, and Apple TV. All arrived the next day, if not... then the following day.

    3. I work at a hotel. While I'm sure different hotel's may have different policies.... we certainly do sign for guests packages and will even hold them if they arrive before the guest does.
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    Regarding the first question, No not with a foreign card
    Speak with the front desk rep to see if they will accept packages for you.
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    you can pay extra for faster delivery im guessing as well
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    I've had many hotel deliveries get lost - usually temporarily - even at luxury hotels in big cities. I would be nervous about getting a fancy item shipped to the hotel.

    As many have noted, you should be able to find the MBA configuration you want at an Apple store.

    Downsides: you will have to pay sales tax (search the web for tax rates in the city you will be visiting). You may also have issues with warranty repairs in your home country. Depending on your home country, you may be responsible for paying duty when you return.

    Maybe this does not apply in your case, or you simply don't care. That's up to you. Just wanted to list the potential issues.
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    Also you have to depend on the hotel accepting the delivery AND giving it to you. If something happens to it after delivery, like someone simply taking it, you would be in a difficult position.

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