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How am I supposed to buy that iMac G5 now?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by spaceballl, Jun 6, 2005.

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    My family buys a new computer every four years... I was just about ready to order a loaded up G5, but Apple is dumping the platform in a year, to be fully dumped in two. How can this be considered a good investment??

    Yes i know they will support it for a while and maybe even the next couple versions of the OS will run on it, but new products will be designed for the new platform.

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    If you want to buy the iMac now, do it!
    It'll last a WHOLE lot longer than four years.
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    I wouldn´t!

    At least until we know how long Apple will support the PPC. I just bought a Rev. A iMac G5 and don´t regret it since I got it for 999 euros.

    However, I´m in the market for a second computer for my home and now the eMac looks very good buy for the money. Unless Apple will update the Mini this week....
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    If you need it, buy it, your software will still run when you eventually buy it's Intel powered replacement, and in the intervening time, your machine will be current and effective.
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    Yeah, whats the life expectancy now of any new machines. Will 10.5 run on PPC?
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    "I can't buy a 2005 car now because dammit, they'll just bring out a new model with incompatible parts in 2006"
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    That wouldn´t be a bargain!

    c´mon I want my computer to run the latest OS well in 2008. The computing industry is getting pretty mature these days so our machines should be able to run at least the 10.6.
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    Cars are different than computers. They don't come out with new software that only runs on new cars. My '81 Corolla gets me around just about as well as an '06 Corolla would. I can't say the same comparing a 128K Mac to my Power Mac G5.
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    Yeah it will "last" if I use old apps not compiled for Intel processors in two years.
    My machine needs to be current and effective for longer than the "intervening time" of between now and 2006.

    I think I might buy a cheap PC or mac mini to last until 2006 when I can get an iMac that doesn't already have an obseleting replacement planned in a year.
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    Yup. I'm just going to buy a Mac Mini now instead of that $2k pimped out iMac and just play wait and see in a year and a half when I re-enter the market.

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    definitely interesting...

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