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How Apple Does It - TIME looks inside the world's most inno...

Discussion in 'MacBytes.com News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Oct 17, 2005.

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    Is that Apple headquarters? Cool. :D Nice this story hits a week before the newsstands.
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    That photo is awesome
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    Just so your guys know, you can read the full text over at timecanada.com.
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    but what's interesting to me is the relative absense of computers in the shot. There's a PowerBook on the desk, and a G4 iMac in what looks to be the closet off to the side, and none others. Just seems to me there would be a few more computers at the core office of a computer company.
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    I think the full story gets opened up to non-subscribers a little later in the week. Meanwhile, it would be a good read in the supermarket checkout or dentist office if you don't normally buy it.

    One cute bit:
    It kind of shows how silly Apple can get about these things, since it's pretty well known that Jeff Robbin is behind iTunes and SoundJam.
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    Thanks! Saved me a few minutes at a news-stand.

    BTW, is that an official Time Magazine site? I couldn't believe the number of typos and formatting errors.
  8. jMc
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    Anyone know what the red thing in the black box is next to Schiller's right hand?

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    Looks like iPod socks.
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    In order to get the full version of the article I entered my old high school address. Since I know most school's have a subscription to Time, anyway it signed me in right away.

    Good read, interesting how much control Steve still has.
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    Laslo Panaflex

    Nano Tubes.
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    Love the photo as well ... it makes you feel the creative energy and ideas that flow from that high-powered inner circle.
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    It's so cute!

    They look like friends!
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    Good ol' Time Canada. Thanks for the link.

    And THIS is why Windows PC's can't catch up the Mac, not now, not likely ever:

    There aren’t discrete, sequential development stages. Instead, it’s simultaneous and organic. Products get worked on in parallel by all departments at once—design, hardware, software—in endless rounds of interdisciplinary design reviews. Managers elsewhere boast about how little time they waste in meetings; Apple is big on them and proud of it. “The historical way of developing products just doesn’t work when you’re as ambitious as we are,” says Ive, an affable, bearlike Brit. “When the challenges are that complex, you have to develop a product in a more collaborative, integrated way."
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    I get it!

    Im in. How can I work for Apple?
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    Yeah they seem all friendly now, just wait until Jobs gets angry j/k hahah ;) :p
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    Yes, it is an official Time site, it is just the site for their Canadian distribution. It is largely the same magazine, with a few Canada specific stories thrown in from time to time presumably. And, if you recall, has a history of releasing things sooner than their US counterpart, as they did infamously the night before Steve Jobes introduced the original flat panel iMac back in 2002.
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    Absolutely ... now the burning question is if they can pose for such a picture in their pressurized environment, why can't some relatives pretend to be one-tenth as cordial when gathered around the table at holiday dinners? :)
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    MWA HAHAHAHA! Thank you for posting his name. I have been looking for it everywhere and now I know who I have to get in order to put iTunes down the hole, when I release my Operating System: P-OS.

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    Never mind winning the lottery, it would be amazing to sit in on a design discussion with Ives :) :cool:
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    That's a very smart way to go about it. if they dont think that video players will be popular, you give the market a little and see how well it goes. It if becomes VERY popular, you take a few more steps.
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    Yes. It's been revamped however. That is much more reminiscient of NeXT headquarters where everything was very open door policy and intercollaboration.

    Everything he discusses are processes we did at NeXT before we merged with Apple.

    Unfortunately, second from the left, Jon Rubenstei, is retiring.
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    Cool article and picture.
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    This is why i don't think development has slowed for the Powerbook like previously rumored.
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    I expected tons of analysis from those photos. Perhaps you might see a reflection of a new iBook in the background or you can see detailed info from the printouts. Is that a black Intel-Mini on the table? Asteriod?

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