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How are you whittling down the hours/minutes?

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by billy_d_goat, Jan 9, 2007.

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    So what is everyone doing up until the Keynote?

    I'm at work, of course, with a meeting that *might* overlap the Keynote. In the meantime, I'm hanging out here, reading the rumors, and trying to get in the Apple spirit by "walking" around Infinite Loop! Woooooot :D January is like another birthday present.

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    Just sitting in front of the TV and leaving Forum Spy on. Doesn't look to be anything exciting going on. Almost midnight here so there better be some good conversation going on soon or I'll be really board with Wednesday morning TV. :mad:
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    i'm watching 24. jack bauer has the power to hypnotize and make you wonder where all your time went.
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    Keynote starts at 4am here, it's 12:30am now.

    I'm going to bed for a few hours.
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    i will be installing a printer for a old Powermac G5 on a network in about 20 min for work - Since my work does not use Mac's they asked me to do it

    i might grab some more coffee and check out ebay for some cheap Mac Pro's later on mind :D
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    You poor fella, I forgot about the DST.
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    No way! I was just about to post that I was going to watch 24 (last few eps of season 2) for a few hours before it all starts. But I've changed my mind and might try get a bit of sleep instead because I have to go to work in the morning (remember the keynote starts at 4am here :( ).
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    More coffee?!? You're gonna crash about the time of the keynote...
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    you'd think the RDF would keep Chundles awake ;)
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    You crazy daylight savings people, it's gonna be 3am up here. Doesn't make it any easier to stay up, granted. I should know, I did it last year :D The sun was coming up by the time I went to bed.
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    I'm working. Well, trying to. I'm such a sucker for getting excited, I'm positively twitchy.
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    Yeah, but it's great on New Year's Eve if you're in Tweed Heads or something, you can have midnight then get in the car and go have it again.

    Not that I am.

    We all know the reasons Qld. decided to go against DST don't we? The geniuses up there thought:

    1. The extra hour of sunlight would fade the curtains.
    2. Daylight Saving Time would confuse the cows.
    3. Getting up earlier would mean men got their morning erections on the bus to work instead of in bed.

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    works out great for UK/Europe - were I working I could get home in time for most of the keynote

    as it happens, I'm 'studying' :p
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    I'm a Div IA cheerleader, and the College National Championship is this Friday through Sunday.

    I'll be at practice from 10:30am until 4 Eastern =/
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    LOL good point. I was in Sydney for New Year's, B-E-A-U-tiful.
    Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/justin_martin/350116400/
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    I'm working until 5pm, which is the time the keynote starts here in the UK.

    It takes about 10 minutes to get home so I'll be back in time for all the juicy bits.
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    Trying to (and currently failing to) resurrect a trashed hard drive on a G4!!! Make me happy, Jobsy-baby!
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    Haven't heard the erection one, nice. :D But honestly, crappy farmer excuses aside, what's so good about DS? Do you really need the sun to set at 8pm?
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    When I was back in school in Thunder Bay, Ontario. It would set around 10pm It was great. Why wouldn't you want more daylight when your actually awake?
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    I'm working with some web server guys on how to tighten their standards.

    Today's meeting brought to you by the characters . / and the phrase "directory traversal attack" :)
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    well im bored..YET EXCITED...yet bored...BUT sOOO EXCITED...ne 1 no nefin to do until keynote starts? www.miniclip.com was good, wasted an hour for me
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    well i have no idea what i'm gonna do now, i'm in the middle of the last episode of season 3 [season two ends pretty awesomely]... but once this ends within the hour, i either 1. start season 4 or 2. i have no idea.
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    What? Knee One No Nefin? That's not even a foreign language. What does that mean?
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    translates to: anyone know anything to do until the keynote starts
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    sitting here at work..

    quit my job earlier in the week.. have 3 weeks left.. woohoo!! start new job 5th feb :)

    manager isn't giving me much work to do at the moment.. so i'm stuck watching the clock tick very slowly till 4pm till i go home and then get ready for the 5pm start..

    ps: is it a 2 hour keynote today??

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