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How are your iMac replacements?

Discussion in 'iMac' started by edry.hilario, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. edry.hilario, Dec 31, 2012
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    So my first iMac 27 inch late 2012 has weird fan noises issues it sounds like a fridge at times now apple sends me a replacement. I got this https://twitter.com/edryhilario/status/285894713502990336/photo/1/large Are you kidding me?? What should I do guys should I keep this? This really really bad apple should be looking at this machines more before the ship them in. Wtf
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    I really feel bad for you. I know the feeling for a replacement to have a problem. I recommend replacing until you get one that doesn't have any apparent issues.

    How is the fan on the new one?
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    the fan is fine perfect on the new one, but now the screen on the replacement just has tons of backlight issues and the first one i got is not like this. This really really sucks
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    Looks pretty normal to me for this sort of IPS panel with max backlight (I'm guessing). I wouldn't bother getting a replacement.

    Black viewing angles are just poor on this new iMac, and that's just the way it is. Turn your backlight up, and move left and right in front of your screen when it's black. You'll see the bleed disappear when it's directly in front of you. Shame. My 2009 27" iMac was leagues better in this regard.
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    how come my first imac isnt this bad. its not the viewing angle is the bleeding on the left side theres a big bleed coming from there again my first machine doest have it from any viewing angle
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    They all have a little bleed from what I've seen. The last several iMacs all have some uneven backlight bleed, as do other monitors of this caliber.

    I would keep it. Its not like you sit there and stare in the dark at a black screen with full brightness dialed up. Once you start using the computer you will not notice these subtle things.
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    The iMac I returned didn't have any bleed at all, nor has any Apple display I've used in a very long time. IPS glow has been present on every IPS display I've ever owned, some stronger than others, but not backlight bleed. Some people may confuse the two, but they are two different things.
  8. edry.hilario, Jan 1, 2013
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    You guys need to remember I still have my first machine with me and when I compare the two the second one is really bad compare to my first one. The replacement imac has two very "hots spots" along the left side of the screen very very noticeable. My first iMac which has other problems, doesn't have this so bad of a screen

    In other words just look at the left side compared to the right side in the picture.
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    It's a shame you can't walk into an Apple store and have them pop the good display onto the otherwise flawless unit. :(
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    yes about that, i contacted them and asked if they can swap the screen between machines, they said they wouldnt do it because "they like to put bran new parts into machines" which is bs because the screen from my first imac is totally fine idk wtf i wish they could have just swap them. now i have to wait probably three more weeks so i can get a replacement and hope that replacement isnt bad either which at this phase... idk know what to do.
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    How so, mine has very deep blacks and no noticeable bleed.
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    I once was very badly let down by a major supplier.

    What I did is obtain a copy of their complaints procedure and follow it to the letter, knowing their staff would not....and kept a record of that.

    My last step was to identify the director responsible for complaints, and their direct e-mail address. I sent a very reasonable and polite letter by recorded post and e-mail to that director, and overtly copied it to various consumer media bodies and regulatory agencies.

    It took approximately 6 hours from pressing send on the e-mail for all my problems to disappear, and they even waived my bill.
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    I've been struggling with this issue too. My 27" iMac's display has fairly bad backlight bleeding, especially on the left side of the screen, pretty similar to what's in your picture. It's really quite obvious when you're sitting right at my desk, about 2 feet away from the screen. The backlight bleeding falls off quite a bit if you stand further back (around 5 feet from the screen), but there's still an ugly blotch at the left-bottom edge, kinda like yours. What distance are people judging backlight bleeding issues from?

    I've read various opinions about whether this is normal or not. Honestly it doesn't bother me in most day-to-day use. I don't really watch movies on my iMac, which would be the case that would bother me the most. So it really only shows up when I game, which isn't too frequent.

    I've been having a hard time deciding if it's worth going through the replacement process. What was the replacement process like? Is it a big hassle? Do they send you a new unit or is it refurbished?

    It does seem like some folks on here have panels without issues. I've played the replacement game and replacements never guarantee success. So there's a part of me that's not eager to get into that cycle... but then again..
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    The replacement process is very very easy no hassle what's so ever you get to keep yours till the new one comes in then you ship the old one in the box that the new one came in they send you a pre paid shipping label and you just drop it off at your local USPS. As far as how long it takes for you to received the replacement it take about two and half weeks at least that's what it took for mine to come in. The issue is that i install new plugins and other things on my Mac when I do a restores some plugins and extras stuff don't work right it's a pain in the A therefore I feel like I'm in limbo. It's like do I really want to put all my stuff on it knowing that I'm gonna have to shipping it off and so on....it's big problem for me. I hate I have to go through this specially since I waited so long and when i finally get a computer they are both faulty it's like WTF. I edit videos on the computer so I need a good screen. I wish apple would pull it together.
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    Thanks... I'm just not very confident that a replacement panel would be much better. And the time it takes to copy all my data over again... ugh. I'll post some pictures of my panel tonight when it's a bit darker to show what mine looks like.
  16. kidwei, Jan 1, 2013
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    here's my imac's screen at half.. the light bleed from the corners is pretty acceptable to my eyes.. and i think that might actually not be backlight bleeding bc it goes away at certain angles. what really bothers me is the bleed at the left side of the bottom edge, which diffuses up a light cloud about 4-5 inches upwards. The next pic is around half brightness.


    this creates some ugliness in dark scenes.. mainly for movies and gaming.. in normal "desktop" use, i rarely notice it.. again, in the next picture, ignore the corner brightness, i don't find that to be an issue at most angles.. This pic I believe is at full brightness.


    Most of the time I'm satisfied with the screen. I don't do too much gaming on my iMac.. and I don't watch any movies other than YouTube on it... so.. to me this bothers me more because I paid so much for this computer.

    I feel like I've also seen much worse examples of bleed on this forum and don't want to make too big an issue out of it.. thoughts on my panel?
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    The peanut gallery seems to agree that my panel is pretty bad.. looks like I'll be sending this guy back for an exchange.

    More details and pics at this thread:

    so.. edry.hilario - it seems another return feels like the right move for you.. guess we're in the same boat
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    Next time just ask for warm french fries....
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    kidwei if you move directly in front of the bleed areas do they disappear at all? It's hard to say from your pictures, really...

    First thoughts are yes that looks bad in that bottom middle-left area. The corner bleeding is (unfortunately) 100% normal when sitting facing the center of the display at a relatively normal distance. I bet the bleed in the left/right corners mostly disappears when you sit directly in front of that corner?
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    I'm so pissed because you don't even know if the replaceent were getting is even good. Like I said I'm gonna be getting a third iMac I have a strong feeling it won't be the last one.
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    edry.hilario, I think the problem is that your first panel was so good to you, that it will be hard to accept anything less. I do feel for you, truly. But you'll get a good one in the end. :)
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    The 27" panels have been the same since the first 27" LED panels used, they are the same LG panels!! Some will have less backlight bleed and yellow tint issues then others. You may have got a really good example last time but you were lucky. Unless you have extremely bad bleed issues or yellow tinting i would not exchange it. Mine has minor backlight bleed but zero yellow issues, i am more then happy with it.
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    it's hard to tell what constitutes a bad bleed issue.. but i think if there's noticeable bleed from an edge (not corner) when 5ft+ away on a dark scene, it's probably bad, no? what would be your criteria for "bad"?

    i'm really on the fence still about returning mine.. but i have a bad feeling that mine is bad... I just posted another pic on this thread we're both on..
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    tom vilsack

    hang in there and just reorder another one...i went threw 3 acer netbooks (when they first came out) until i finally got one i liked (first ones harddrive made strange clicking,second one had horrible left edge light bleed,third one was great)...ya ya what was i thinking buying a acer ;-) long since sold...
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    Do you know this for sure? It's the black viewing angles that are the biggest change with the 2012 iMacs, so I find it hard to believe that these are the same panels. Maybe it's the fused displays causing the issue, but something has definitely changed with the 2012 iMacs. I don't have any backlight bleed - just the viewing-angle anomalies that everyone else has.

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