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how big the 3G 10GB ipod compared to others

Discussion in 'Product Recommendations/Reviews' started by wnameth, Jan 30, 2005.

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    hey gang, i am wondering what the size of the 10GB ipod 3G is compared to the 15GB 20GB 30GB and 40GB in that generation, also how does it compare to the new 4G 20GB's in size that is. has anyone actually been able to compare them in person?
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    3G 10 GB is the same size as the 3G 15 and 20 GB. 3G 30 and 40 GB are a bit thicker.

    i *believe* 4G 20 GB is the same size as the 3G 10 GB. it might be slightly slimmer.
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    the 3g 10, 15, and 20GB, and the 4g 20GB iPods are all the same size.
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    Thanks, its pretty slim then :)
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    those are the same until you get to the 40GB 4G. I believe that one gets thicker. Not sure about the 30 GB
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    The 30GB and 40GB 3G are the same thickness, (0.11" thicker than the 10/15/20) and the 40GB 4G is just a touch thinner.

    However, Mactracker lists the 10/15/20GB 3G as 0.62"/15.7mm, and the 20GB 4G as 0.57"/15.7mm. That just doesn't seem right... :confused:

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