How big will the Mini be?

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacBytes, Jan 14, 2005.

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  2. 24C
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    "The Mac Mini is indeed cheap by Mac standards, though it's still pricier than bottom-of-the-line PCs."

    Never mind all that nonsense...just read it will be big, bet it'll be the top selling Mac next quarter, iPod excluded, assuming they've got enough chips for it...maybe that's why it's not a G5 ;-)
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    James Craner

    I really think the mini will be 'big'. I have already got one switcher in the office I work in to get one, a couple of others are considering. The tell tale signs are in the shipping dates starting to go out, only after a few days of being announced I really think Apple has got a winner on its hands.
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    The Mac mini will create a halo effect - that much is certain. The question is how big will it be - will we see 4% of iPod/Windows users with Macs, 11%, or something higher? The Mac mini is one of the best ideas to come from Apple recently - I think it will be a big success for Apple. Let's hope Apple can get their niggling inventory issues fixed so they can sell even more Mac minis.
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    Every time I see the subject I think... welll... about 6 inches square by 2 inches.
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    "How amazingly popular will the mini be?"

    Very popular I would say. Probably the bestseller Mac ever. As for bigness, I'd say 6.5x6.5x1.8 inches. :)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    If my experience at work today is any indication, it will be BIG. I work in a photo store, and the subject of computers comes up on a regular basis. With the Mac mini and iLife 5, Apple is ready to take on the market.

    Some of whom I spoke too where ready to buy the Mac mini based on price alone. Others were moved more so with the RAW support of iPhoto 5.
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    Oh this is a biggie. :D
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    Mac mini = flexible, price, small form factor. :)

    Upgradable is not really an issue. :)
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    Chip NoVaMac

    Not sure how you meant this. Hopefully it is in agreement.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I agree as long as the 'base" configurations make sense and does not harm the user base.
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    Anyone thought of this idea:

    What if one were to remove the internal components of the Mac mini and put it in another case:

    replace the notebook Optical drive and HDD and put a desktop Optical and HDD drive.

    Sure the Mac mini has a nice small case however I can think or another small case to house the current internals and desktop HDD and Optical drive.

    Someone can put multiple Mac mini, internals in one PC case and you have a quad G4 Home Server.
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I guess you and i as well as others are starting to repeat ourselves? Didn't you just post a similar reply here? Wording it differently, or adding insight on further thought might have added more to the discussion.
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    I believe I NEED some sleep. :)

    Too many threads with the same topic in question. Time to merge some PB, iBook, notebook G5, Mac mini threads. :)
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    And then, hopefully, she realizes how nice OS X is, and ends up buying a PM G5 to replace both her PeeCee and her Mac mini... :rolleyes:

    Hey, I'm thinker bigger here... This Mac mini will take advantage of the "iPod halo effect" to become a winner, but I guess the next big thing will be this:

    "iPod shuffle halo effect" - People buy tons of shuffles and one day, they'll eventually get a full-blown iPod, coz' they love iTunes and iTMS so much.

    "iPod halo effect" - People buy tons of iPods and one day, they may end up buying a Mac, especially now that there's the gorgeous, whisper-quiet Mac mini, starting at $499.

    "Mac mini halo effect" - People buy tons of Mac minis, be it because of its price point alone, or because they already owned iPods or were interested in OS X. The mini is very underpowered when compared to the other Mac models, so... you know what I'm thinking, don't you?

    Since Macs are so great, when someone finally gets his hands on a powerful Mac, they will never go back. I speak for myself, I absolutely love my iMac G5 20'', because since I've got a nice amount of RAM (1,25 GB), I can run a ton of apps, and I still get a great user experience. I love it, it's great, it's the best computer I've ever had! Would I switch back? NEVER... So, I tend to believe that most switchers wouldn't also look back. It's the most logical thing to do, M$ products suck. They suck so much that I've been trying to wipe M$ stuff out of my Mac. I already ditched Windows, I never had VPC installed, I'm using aMSN instead of Messenger 4, I've ditched my Hotmail account and got a Gmail one instead... The only thing I can't seem to get rid of is Office, oh well... :rolleyes: I want to give iWork a try, though ;)

    So, you see, Apple has all the conditions to take a big chunk of the market. A very big one! Expect their marketshare to climb, very fast. As someone pointed out (and everyone knows), they better solve their supply issues... There you have it, my "iPod shuffle/iPod/Mac mini halo effect Death Knell". They better do so, otherwise, they'll be stuck with something like 3% or 4% marketshare at best, when they could get some hefty 10%, mark my words!
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    I agree with your points. Apple has all the pieces in place - they just need to move them in the right order, like a giant game of chess. If they play correctly, their market share will jump up - how much up is the big question. By the way, it was me who mentioned the supply issues.
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    It isn't for me...

    ... but I believe it will be huge. HUGE! For it's intended market, it's perfect.

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