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How can i get the most money for my broken Macbook?

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by mmgraha1, Jul 12, 2010.

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    A broken macbook was given to me and i need some advice on what to do with it. Should i sell the computer's individual parts? or should i sell the whole computer?

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    Selling it as a whole is easier but you may not get as much money, so up to you, whether you want to go the easy route or start hassling with all individual parts
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    You'll probably get the most from selling the parts individually, although selling it as-is will be a lot faster. You'll need to figure out which is worth it to you.
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    A few questions and what I would do...

    How badly broken is it and what is broken? If it's repairable (i.e. if something needs replacing) I would spend the money repairing it and then say when you sell it that stuff's recently been replaced and increase the price of it slightly as a result.
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    thanks for the help everyone....

    any info on parts would be greatly appreciated... what parts are valuable? can be sold? etc... etc..
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    Well, most of the parts inside can be resold but the difficult part is removing the parts from the computer. Stuff could damaged in the process and then you might not be able to sell that particular part. I'm sorry I can't give more accurate information.
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    First of all, what parts are working? If the logic board is busted, the display, case, RAM and HD are pretty much the parts you can sell.

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