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How can I improve my Macbook experience?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Nevzorus, Sep 21, 2013.

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    I LOVE my Macbook Air. I got one a week ago from school and it is absolutely fantastic. Is there any good add-ons, any good apps etc I can download to make it better to use? There's probably a few threads like this one but I want to get new and fresh answers because there might be NEW good add-ons that came a month ago. :)
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    Add some extensions on Safari.

    Found here: Safari --> Safari Extensions

    I personally like the Gmail notify, Ad-Blocker, and Click-to-Flash.

    You might also want to check out OSXdaily.com for much much much more useful tips.
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    I second click to flash, but I use click to plugin. Same thing, but with all plugins. As blocker is great. I have my iPhone for mail notification.
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    If you like using the trackpad, and you like using gestures, then you should get this app called BetterTouchTool. You can configure your own gestures (the possible variations are almost endless) to execute whatever command you want. For example, when I'm browsing on Chrome / Firefox / Safari, three finger swipe left or right will switch tabs left or right, and a three finger tap acts as middle click (to open link in new tab). BetterTouchTool really makes me love my Macbook Air and especially the trackpad.
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    i agree with what most people post.
    i personally prefer Chrome to safari or Firefox.
    In my experience firefox eventually slows your machine to a grinding halt - isn't that what we switched to OSX from Windows? No thanks :p

    I'm willing to give Safari another try once 10.9 comes out - actually really excited about some of the features they underscored at the keynote!

    I really like adblock, mightytext and any.do

    in addition i love History Eraser, Command-click fix (essential if you use chrome and shop on Amazon - or any other site that breaks "command-click to open in a new window"... rotten tomatoes is another one, but there are many)

    if you're a student, definitely check out evernote and workflowy if you haven't already. I am a law student and i love both.

    i'll post more if i think of them
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    My mid 12 MBA was my first mac, but thus far my experience has been beyond expatiations. Really the only three reason I bought it was the trackpad, AC adaptor, and battery life. I think the biggest addition for mine was parallels with window7 pro being added for the two programs I need to use from time to time. Oh and a sleeve case from SFbags. Best money spent on it.
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    delete.me is the best browser extension I have encountered. It blocks out the hundreds of nonsense ad requests you get every single time you browse. I'm having a web experience that is fluid and responsive. My battery life has increased due to the fact the browser has to work less to render content. Also, get Opera.
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    Unclutter for sure. Also I second Evernote.
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    QuickSilver or Alfred.
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  12. Nevzorus, Sep 24, 2013
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    Thanks guys! I really appreciate it. :)

    Edit: I use Safari.
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    We could all have lived without this post.
    At least his statement was helpful.:p

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