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How can i recover my photos from ipod nano (4gen)

Discussion in 'iPod' started by oxiabit, May 19, 2009.

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    for the first sorry for english.

    I have 8 gb 4th generation ipod nano. there are over 400 photo on it. but unfortunately i lost these photos at my mac. so i want to recover it to my computer. I have my own PhoneView app with license. it works on iphone and ipod touch. but didn't work for ipod nano. how can i get my photos ?
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    You have to assure that all your photos are stored as "full resolution" on your iPod, then you can find them in the "Photo" folder on iPod as a USB mass storage:D. But if you save your photo only to be watch on iPod, man ,you'd better just leave them here
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    How to recover photos from iPod Nano?

    It is a very easy process to recover photos from iPod Nano. You have to follow a few clicks process for this. I also lost photos from iPod Nano. I found software on internet. You can download it here.

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