how dare WIRED reccommend ZUNE 80G over iPod classic? MacDailyNews lose it.

Discussion in 'iPod' started by clevin, Dec 11, 2007.

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    beware the angry fanboys
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    Wow!! Somebody's thrown their toys out the pram. That was the first time, and probably last time, i'll go to MDN.
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    Good grief. And I thought people on THIS site (and other Mac user forums) were biased! Heaven forbid anyone have a different opinion! So basically anyone who doesn't agree with these peoples' biased opinion is an idiot -- and worse? Talk about some people needing to be fired.
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    Wow that was the most unprofessional professional website I have ever seen.

    Yet they did point out some things. The Zune has to be plugged into the power outlet in order to sync wirelessly? That defeats the purpose.

    Also, the who burning DVD's thing, not a very strong argument there.
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    This is what happens when people attach their identities to material objects.
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    Despite the way the story was presented, I actually think that MDN has a point.

    I agree that there are advantages to both devices, and each have their flaws. However, the benefits of the Zune that Wired highlighted do seem to be very misleading.
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    Amazing just how crazy the world can get, when you dive into the deep end...

    One thing did catch my eye though: how the hell could they leave out battery life in a review of an MP3 player?! That would be one of the most important things I'd look at before buying.
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    God that article made me laugh, gotta love the mega fanbois, can they bow down to apple any harder?

    very VERY unprofessional.
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    ...scary how some people behave sometimes...

    worse than others on here. Although, I still wouldnt have a Zune... saying that, I've never seen anyone with one
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    They had a lot of good points, but the way it was presented ruined all of that.
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    Exactly. The name-calling and insults are so childish.
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    I agree. For instance, MDN states how iTunes lost NBC shows and YET the Zune Marketplace doesn't sell any TV shows whatsoever. Make the Zune Mac compatible and then I will consider it as a threat to the iPod.
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    Before I'd buy a Zune, I'd buy an Archos.

    $155 gets you:
    Archos 504 40GB 500869 Portable Multimedia Player 3.5", 4.3" screen, 5.5 Hours Video, Factory Refurbished

    The Archos 504 40GB Digital Media Player has a large capacity and large screen Portable Multimedia Player, which supports all standard video formats in full DVD resolution. The bright, 4.3-inch TFT screen with 16 million colors, ideal for watching videos and viewing photos. Watch DVD-quality video playback on your TV with the optional DVR station. Also, record directly from TV in high-quality MPEG-4 with optional DVR station. PDF document viewer. Audio recording - Voice recording through the built-in Microphone. USB 2.0 High-Speed Device Interfaces (backwards compatible with USB 1.1) 3.5 mm stereo headphone mini-jack connections and TV output (Audio/Video cable not included). Battery life - Up to 17 hours Music playback time, up to 5.5 hours Video playback time on built-in LCD. System requirements - Windows ME, 2000, XP or higher, Mac OS 10.3.9 and Linux with mass storage device support.
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    Sorry but the 504 has terrible sound quality compared to these two devices. Not to mention the 605 is way better, by including a cleaner screen, and way better sound.
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    MDN always struck me as fangirls.

    They go much higher on the emotional hysteria scale than most die-hard fans, but on the other hand they are rarely angry, violent, or vituperative about it like many fanboys are.

    Edit: How's that for a grossly over-generalised gender-biased comment? :)
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    They make some valid points, but do so in such a childish and unprofessional manner that that was the first and last time I shall feel the need to visit their website.
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    I want an MP3 player with a "squircle"! :mad:

    (runs off crying...)
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    Quoted for truth.

    Reminds me of when someone actually stands up to a bully, and then they go crying to their momma. The metaphor being iPod is the bully, and the Zune finally got some respect and...the deeper metaphor is the MDN was the bully, Wired stood up against them and now MDN is crying like a baby. Or something like all of that combined.

    "I am not attached to this car. I am not attached to this car"
    --Det. Charlie Cruise
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    Very immature MDN.

    But really, Wired readers are probably already savvy enough to think for themselves, regardless of what Wired picks. And what's the worst that could happen? An uptick in "NIB" Zune sales on Craigslist and eBay.

    Or to quote Lucius Malfoy, "Now let's everybody just... calm down. Shall we?"
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    Well Wired got the Zune's price wrong by $50, its $249 like the iPod. Though the Wired article really is an awful.
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    Sadly these days that goes without saying.
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    Seriously. I can't stand these damn Apple fanboys, they turn electronic devices into idols for their religion. So what if one source recommends the Zune over the iPod? There are many valid reasons why I'd even recommend the Zune over the iPod, but at the same time, there are an equal number of reasons why I'm sticking with the iPod. Is there some kind of new law that says one must buy a Zune? If you don't like the review, guess what? Go read another one. And another one. Until you find the one that meets your biased conclusion.
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    I think sometimes a good tongue lashing is needed, wether it is perceived as immature or not.

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