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Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by job, Oct 22, 2003.

  1. job
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    Since the majority of us who post here in Old Skool showed up before really became well known, how did you find out about it?
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    I used to listen to a show on Public Radio called the Compududes who would give tech support on air. One day they were reporting on the new G4 cube and they reffered to one of the rumors sites. "Oh we saw something about the cube a few weeks ago at
    So I thought on it a bit.
    I fired up my Performa 6300 and pointed my browser to and I signed up, the rest is history:)
  3. job
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    i found the site by pure accident. i simply typed into the address bar and was hooked the instant i saw the forums.
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    Whats funny for me is that I did not use the forums right away, I only saw the news articles and posted in them, after a month I found them, and I was like sweet:)
  5. job
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    i actually used the forums more than the main site itself. i used to frequent another forum which used vB so posting at macrumors didn't feel any different.
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    I've had MacRumors in my bookmark for a long time and never really ventured into the Forums section. In fact, I had tried other forums in the past but they sucked and were not helpful what-so-ever. So, I never joined another forum, thinking most were all like that other one I tried. THEN, out of curiousity I looked into MacRumors forum and was very impressed with how helpful everyone was and how objective most of the MacHeadz in this forum were. So, I sign-in and started posting and it's been a great teaching and learning tool.

    PS-> ya need to work on sprucing up the the site alittle and perhaps letting people know what a great source your forums are for newbies and experienced alike.

    Keep up the good work!!!

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    When I found the forums, I felt I had stumbled upon a Nirvana for mac users, finally a place where macintosh was talked about on equal terms, and dumb PC trolls were quickly silenced. The help in these forums has been top notch, and Macrumors IMOP has the best forum layout of all the rumors sites I have visited.
    Post #1300 :)
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    I actually enjoy the Appleinsider theme a bit more, but the standard vB theme of Macrumors is a close second. ;)
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    Capt Underpants

    How I came about MR.

    I was starting to be curious about macs a little over year ago. I was watching The Screensavers, on TechTV, and it was right before a macworld. They were reading rumors from different mac sites, so I checked them all out. Macrumors was the best, so I signed up.... BTW, I havent been Capt Underpants all of the time at MR. I had to change names because my mom didnt want my real name being next to every post I made...\

    Capt Underpants
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    I don't remember, that was a while ago. I probably found a link from AI since that was the first rumors site I visited on a regular basis.
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    I used to visit the damned MacOSRumors and kept coming back to that site for as long as it continued to update the news. I began to get REAL sick of waiting for a whole week for updates AND for them to fix their server problems. (My belated advice: Get a new damn server!!)

    So I typed in possible Mac Rumor Sites. Given just those three words, I came up with something original. :D :p
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    Sounds a lot like me. I was in search of PowerBook G4 rumors, and was hittihng MacOSRumors a bunch. I eventually came here, and stayed. ;)
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    Mr. Anderson

    I was looking at buying a Titanium PowerBook and wanted to know when the right time to buy was. There were only 3 forums (no community) when I showed up, but the discussions were great and I ended up registering a couple months later.

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    I actually heard of first, and i accidentially typed in a few times. I eventually started reading both sites, then I realized this one is wayyyyy better, lol. Now I love being here, it's my homepage.
  15. job
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    alright, here's another question. if you guys found from then how did you first find ;)
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    I heard it in many varying places.

    I heard alot of 'Mac--Rumors' so I heard it for a while and then checked it out on google, sure enough they got their info from here.
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    In 8th grade, my friend showed me macrumors during journalism class. I brushed it off for a bit, then came and joined up about 6 mo. later when I bought my powermac.
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    I was pointed here by a reference in a thread on, I think this is the best forum site on the web, Mac or otherwise, but you can't really get in a big fight here, the mods are far too conciencious for that.;)
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    Exactly like eye, I was looking for PowerBook G4 rumours in late 2000 and very early 2001.... ;) :D

    I didn't register until March 02, have no reason why... probably other than being ultra-hyper busy from 2000 to 2002. (things are alittle calmer now) :D

    Joined because I liked the atmosphere and users at that time, like Eye, Alphatech, KC, hemingray, Jef, Dukestreet and a few more who I can't remember off the top of my head... the atmosphere was cool, and the banter solid.... and for some reason it's become 'home' now...
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    I was drugged, blindfolded, beaten, and dragged here. :D
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    It was about a year ago, I was looking for info about the next Powermac which I never bought.....
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    Haha, are they still holding you hostage?

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    I got directed to from another, non-Mac, site. from there it was only a typo away.

    Hehe. Honestly, at first I thought MOSR was great and MR was crap. I was certainly wrong about that.
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    Haha, iGAV mentioned Alphatech. :D

    -->how did you first find (job)

    Probably two years ago I was looking for the latest in rumors and clicked on an ad to MacOSRumors. Silly me.

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