How do I burn to DVD a video_ts folder with vob files?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by pepita, Aug 23, 2005.

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    If that sounds like a newbie question, it's because I am - at least to DVD burning. So please be patient :)

    I just got one of the newest iBooks with Superdrive and iDVD software and I have never used either before. I have this video of a set from this year's Glastonbury that I downloaded from a torrent and it's already in DVD format, I can view it very nicely in DVD Player. The whole VIDEO_TS folder is 833 MB. How do I burn it to DVD? Is it possible with the software I already have, or some free utilities? (I'd rather not have to pay for other software, if that's the only alternative I'll keep the file on a hard drive).

    I've searched and read some tips on how to convert the single VOB files to QuickTime format to import them in iDVD but I'm not sure that's what I need. I want to keep the DVD format with chapters as they are already. Is it possible?

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions
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    I believe you don't need to use iDvd at all. You have the movie in its dvd format, just burn that folder using the finder and it should work, well im 90% sure :)

    You do this by going finder-->file-->new burn folder. Then drag the video_ts folder to it and then burn.
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    I know that search can be unweildy sometimes... I did a search in Mac OS X Applications for "dvd, burn" and found this lengthy thread, as well as this thread. Essentially, a lot of people recommend Handbrake, which is also what I use. I use MactheRipper first to get the files you have already listed... then Handbrake to compress them. Hope this relates to your question.

    :edit: There is also this thread, After MactheRipper w/ VOB files that may or may not be exactly relevant to your question.
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    Use Roxio Toast:

    1) Create a 'Data DVD' (DVD-ROM (UDF)).

    2) Drag the 'VIDEO_TS' file into the app.

    3) Create a folder called 'AUDIO_TS' - leave it empty.

    Your DVD should now look something like this:

    ( o ) DVD-ROM (UDF)

    4) Make sure your 'VIDEO_TS' folder doesn't have a '.DS_Store' file within it. It probably does. Simply delete it from within Toast (make sure you check this every time you burn - if you burn with this file - it will not play in DVD players or PCs)

    5) Enjoy your DVD.
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    I'm writing a Tutorial on this atm. I'll post it here once I have finished for you.


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    In the meantime - my method totally works!.

    Acquire a copy of Toast and have at it.
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    Thanks everybody for the replies.
    crachoar: problem is I don't have Roxio Toast, I'd have to buy it, and I was really hoping to achieve this without having to spend anything because it is not really vital, it's just for fun and my first attempt at burning a dvd... So is Toast the only option?

    What about DeSnousa's suggestion to use the Finder? anyone 100% sure it could work, with the resulting disc work as DVD? that would be great :)

    devilot76: thanks for those links, Handbrake sounds very cool, I downloaded and tried it but stopped because it was taking ages to conver the file, I'll try and leave it to be done at night. I'm not sure it's what I'm looking for here though as from what I understood it will not keep the DVD chapters, it will just convert to a single file. However that also could come in handy some other time, so, thanks again!
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    I've never used Finder to burn DVDs - so I can't help you on that one. However - the Toast method works - flawlessly.

    The good news is, DVD-R's are cheaper than CD-R's - so let the experiments begin.
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    Even easier: Choose to create a "DVD-Video from VIDEO_TS" (from the Video tab) then drag the folder in there. It'll sort out the rest of the structure automatically :)
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    Tutorial DVD Backup from Video_TS
    I have written a Tutorial on this with some images in it and some examples etc. Just follow from Step 3 onwards and you should be fine.

    Link: How to Backup DVDs on a Mac

    Regards and hope this helps you out,

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    As I recall you have to have a Audio_TS folder also. Here are the instructions from DVD2oneX Help menu on how to do it. You will need DVD Imager and it is a free program probably easy to fine over at Pasted the instructions below, good luck.

    to use DVD Imager
    Just drop any VIDEO_TS folder onto its icon (DVD Imager will create the AUDIO_TS folder for you), click Create, and choose the location where you want the image saved. Destination should be on a local volume. DVD Imager will prompt you to name the image volume, then it will create the disk image and quit. If you have a DVD burner, you should then be able to create a new DVD disk from the image you made with DVD Imager using the Burn Image command in Disk Copy.

    How to burn from Apple DiskCopy
    Start Disk Copy (OS X utilities folder) and choose Burn Image from the file-menu. Now select the created image and click burn. That's all.
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    As for it taking forever... if you select er... hehe, H-something double pass encoding or something, it will take a long time. Otherwise, it took my 1 GB 2.0GHz iMac G5 about an hour to compress.

    If by keeping DVD chapters, you mean that while watching a movie you could press "next/skip chapter" and it will hop along to that next point in a movie, mine could still do that after using Handbrake to compress.
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    I have the video_ts folder and files and I want to burn a DVD movie.
    The only reason I burned it as a img file is because I had no space on my computer and couldn't keep the iMovie file which was 30 GB!

    How do I do this? How do I now use my img file to burn a DVD movie?
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