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How do I connect 12" PB to TV?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by MacDuff, Jun 29, 2004.

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    Can someone tell me how I can connect my 12-inch powerbook to my television set? My brother did it with his old iBook so I know I can but what kind of cord do I use? The s-video? or something else? I believe I've lost it if that's it. Is there a cord that can directly go from my computer and output video and audio into my television?

    Thanks for the help all.
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    You have two options here. Both of them require the use of the miniDVI cable that came with your PB. Once that is connected you can do:

    If your tv supports s-video, you can just run an s-video cord from your PB to your tv.


    Use a composite video cord and run that to your tv.

    Once you have any of these set up. Open your DISPLAY preferences and hit "Detect Displays".

    For the audio you have to run a cable from your PB line out to your tvs line in. The part that goes into your computer looks like a head phone plug, the part that goes into the tv splits into two, a red and a white.
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    Ah, good to know, i just looked at a support page on the apple site and i seemed to get the impressions that the svid, comp vid, and vga all where on one cord.
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    The rev. A 12" Powerbook (867 MHz) has a Mini-VGA connector on it (identical to that on the iBook, iMac and eMac) that can accept what Apple calls the "Apple Video Adaptor" (a Mini-VGA to S-video/composite video adaptor) IIRC the Rev. A PB came with this adaptor.

    Starting with Rev B, the 12" Powerbook has a Mini-DVI connector. Thus a "Mini DVI to video adaptor" is required. This adaptor is not included with the PB. Both of these adaptors are available at the Apple Store (retail or online) for like $19 IIRC
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    hmm, alright, thanks guys. So do any cords output audio as well as video in one cord ? Or was that question already answered...?
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    There's an iBook (not PB) cable that gives you the standard 3 RCA connections (composite video and stereo sound).

    I think the others are video-only.
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    That's weird that there isn't one for the powerbook though. Maybe i should give apple a buz? Does anyone out there with a 12 PB do this regularly?
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    Not really.
    The cord mentioned is actually for the clamshell SE iBooks, which had a single audio/video connector; sorta like an extended RCA jack which carried composite video as well as stereo sound. The new PB and iBook ranges each have seperate audio and video connectors, so a single cable would effectively have to be 2 cables merging. Silly, no?

    I have on order a composite/S-VHS connector for my 12". S-VHS is waaaay superior quality, so I'm not complaining... It was only $18 or so from the Apple store, I think.
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    i ran into this when i got my iBook 700mhz then the 12" PB rev A i have now. . .

    the older iBooks (older than my 700mhz) had audio and video running through the mini dvi connector. these are the old iBooks that have the reset button on them. (i think 500mhz and down, i know my 700mhz did not have the reset nor the audio/video in one capabilities)

    what you can do with the PB (like i do on mine sometimes) is get the dvi to RCA cable previously mentioned in this thread, yes your PB came with one but if you lost it you can get a new one. it has both S-video and a single RCA video connection. then connect audio through your headphone port (using a headphone to RCA cable). its a lot of cables, but it works.

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