How do I delete photos on my iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by NewSc2, Aug 21, 2007.

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    I imported some photos taken with my iPhone to my computer, and put them in a few albums. Now I'm in iPhoto and I can't delete any of the photos off my iPhone.

    Can anybody help or explain how this syncing works?
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    2 ways:

    1. When you click "import photos" while syncing your iPhone it asks you if you want to keep the originals or delete them (meaning on the iPhone). Just click delete originals

    2. Go into your iPhone and clear all photos.
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    1st way -- "importing photos" will ask to replace the duplicates, and I've modified those.

    2nd -- How do I do that? In iTunes?
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    If you mean a group of photos, I can't help you there. You can go in to your photos though and delete them individually by tapping "Photos", tapping whatever "Photo Album" you want to delete from, and tapping the individual photo to enlarge it. Now look at the bottom right-hand corner. There should be a trashcan icon. Tap it and delete. Is that what you mean?

    Anyway, good luck.
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    You need to delete them individually.

    I ran into a bug last night, iphoto keep seeing 26 photos that had been deleted on my iphone.

    I could not get rid of them. (including the delete originals when importing from iphoto.)

    So i unchecked all my photo album rolls/folders in the photos tab of itunes (sync).


    delete by hand all my photos on the iphone using the trashcan (took a while).

    synced again.

    AND then restarted my mac.

    that part is important as the cache would not go away unless i did the restart and the 26 photos would still be "seen"

    I did not lose any photos though.

    seems like one of them became corrupted or something...
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    I need to check when I get back home, but I recall not being able to open up any of the images I had on my iPhone through iPhoto.
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    that's was my problem. and threw up a message about the ones in "private/tmp/" etc could not be opened.
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    Remove photos from iPhone?

    I have a few photos on the iPhone I want removed (not photos taken by the iPhone, photos that are synced with iPhoto). How do I remove them?

    The photos are not in iPhoto. I tried re-syncing, but the photos wouldn't be removed. I had it in iPhoto before, it got synced into the iPhone, then I reinstalled OS X, so it's all gone. But the iPhone refuses to remove the photos even if I try to sync.
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    Install mobile finder so you can delete, move, or copy anything you want in the future.
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    So you can't go into Photos go to the picture and click on the trash can?
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    There are no trash icon. Go look for yourself. You can only delete photos taken by the iPhone. But photos that are imprted into the iPhone from iPhoto during a sync cannot be deleted.
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    What if you restore your iPhone through itunes. That should get rid of the photos and then when it tries to sync itself with iPhoto it wont find anything there so you wont have them on your phone thereafter.
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    Yeah that's the obvious solution I thought of, but don't you think this is a major oversight/bug? You should not have to restore the iPhone to get rid of photos.
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    Go to your iphone in itunes. Go to the photos tab. Uncheck the album that you don't want and sync.

    Sorry, was reading your post too bet is to restore em.
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    I absolutely agree with you, these kind of things should not happen. There is no reason for any photos to be on your iphone which arent in your iphoto.
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    I solved the problem (without restoring).

    When I checked the "Sync Photos" box, and had the bullet at "Sync All Photos", it wouldn't work (it would revert to unchecked when I sync'ed). But for some reason, if I move the bullet to sync "Selected Albums", it worked.

    And now I move the bullet back to "All photos", it works fine.

    So this is obviously a bug.
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    Changing the settings from "Sync photos from iPhoto" to "sync photos from Pictures" will do it, as well. That is how I added and removed new pictures that were in the folder I wish to sync, but somehow were not being added or removed via iPhoto.
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    how to delete photos

    There is a quick and easy way to delete photos,

    Delete all you photos in every folder or the delete the folders in iPhoto

    Sync with your iphone.

    all photos will be deleted
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    Remove photos from iPhone?

    Create a folder on the desktop, name it, drag desired photos from iPhoto to that folder, and select that folder in iPhone/Photo sync where you select where to get the photos from. Any undesired photos on iPhone will be removed in the sync process.
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    I have a similar problem, With over 200 pictures in my camera roll I do not want to click 200 times on the trashcan to remove them. Any help?:p
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    similar issue

    iPhone 3GS, under

    --> settings
    --> wallpaper

    there is a 'photo library' folder, 'last roll' folder and 'last 12 months' folder.

    in each folder there are the same 4 photos that i cannot delete.

    i've tried to re-sync, i've tried to create a desktop folder to re-sync, and i've tried to un-sync and restart. the photos remain in those same three folders under the 'wallpaper' tab.

    any ideas?
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    Alright, I found a simple solution for this problem. Go into iPhoto, and select to import all the photos from your iPhone again. iPhoto will then tell you the photos are duplicates of photos already present in your photo library. Check the box 'apply to all duplicates' and then click 'Don't import'. iPhoto will then quickly go through all your photos, and when done will give you the option to Keep or Delete the originals on your phone. Select delete, and you're done :)
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    No trash can

    I import pics from my Mac and want delete from my iPhone. When I tap individual pics, tap to enlarge there is no trash can:confused:
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    - if you take pictures with your iphone and do NOT import them to iPhoto… to delete the photo off the phone, just tap on the photo and you will see a trash icon in the lower right. tap the trash can.

    - if you take pictures with your iphone and DO import them to iPhoto…. those photos will now be considered an "iPhoto Album"….and when you sync those photos BACK to your iphone, you can NOT delete them from the phone. it's protected. in order to remove those photos, you have to delete them from iPhoto either individually or the whole album…then re-sync

    - if you take pictures with your iphone and DO import them to iPhoto…. those photos will now be considered an "iPhoto Album"…. if you want to KEEP the photos on iPhoto but do not want them on your phone, just plug your phone in to itunes to synce, click on the Photo's tab, and deselect the album you want the phone to exclude when syncing.
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    Remove photos use Image Capture

    Hello, I had over 250 photos, and finally found a simple solution - use image capture.

    If you have a mac, and IMAGE CAPTURE apple program should be installed, (mine automatically pops up when plug in my iphone), choose OPTIONS ---> "Delete items off camera after downloading" and voila - you have downloaded all the pics to the folder of your choice, and the pictures are then deleted off the iphone! No itunes synching necessary! Great when you are at a friends house too

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