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How do I export in Final Cut to get the best quality and least file size?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by johnbro23, Jun 7, 2005.

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    I have a 2:20 video, and I'm hoping to get it down to less than 50MB with a nice quality on 560X420 resolution (or something around there).

    What options should I click on when I export the image?

    It's my first time using Final Cut, and I'm starting to get the hang of it... I just don't know all the little details yet.
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    Export using Compressor. mpeg4.
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    Oh, ok. Well can you elaborate?

    I opened it up with Compressor, and the file shows up and I can preview it. Where do I go from there?

    It's my first time using this program, and after looking around I can't figure out which mpeg4 option to choose. Could you walk me through it, please?
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    compressor has such an array of options because there really isn't ONE BEST OPTION.

    play around with it (it will take time) by creating different presets, changing image quality, compression type, audio compression, etc. until you find a combination that is most useful for this particular project.
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    h.264 perhaps?
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    Yea, I can see that there are tons of choices and there's not one best one, but do you have any suggestions?
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    Go to file , export quicktime conversion, settings, then options and scroll to a sorenson 3 and export using that it shoul dkeep the size way down and the quality good, put it up to best quality
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    I always use MPEG-4. It's great if you want a small to medium resolution and a small file size. It's about 30 megs for a 2 min project. I use it to put these on my jump drive and take them into my video class to be graded.
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    go h.264 I recently exported a similar video and got 30mbs at 480p widescreen and had 48 khz audio to go with it. 2 - 3 mbs it looks smooth like butter :D

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