How do I get my iPhone 5 to take pictures like this?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by GibbyNanchi, Dec 31, 2012.

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    I took these from Instagram. I know Instagram has filters but it is clear that the quality is a bit higher than what you'd normally take using the stock camera. Is he using an outside app? The user does have an iPhone 5


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    I don't see anything about those pictures that's so special technically. Just aim your iPhone 5 camera, touch the screen to choose the focusing and metering area, then click gently. Pay attention to the light. And yes, the photos you posted appeared to be post processed.

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    Haven't u heard? It's always the skill of the photographer, not the equipment. :)

    The top pix is obviously a sepia filter.

    The next 2 pix, the sky is washed out, what's that u admire about them?
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    lol. thats baptiste... these pics are easily replicable just go to the app store and look at the top apps in the photo category

    i think what you are admiring is the fact that the guy is a model and of course his pics look good.

    whats his instagram name?
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    I have those same raybans. :cool:
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    First make sure your handsome.
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    Otherwise not even a 36 mpp professional Nikon is gonna save ya. :)
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    Simple…Become good looking and have a white sandy beach with crystal blue water behind you. wallah…great pics every single time!!
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    As I said, technically those pictures are nothing to speak of. The iPhone 5 in the hand of someone with a bit of skills can take much better photos than those.

    I won't debate the artistic aspect of those, because they are in the eyes of the beholder. Personally, I find them boring.
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    Even if you removed him from the pic, the lighting and colors still pop more than a typical photo I can take on my phone. :(
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    That is from a filter/photo editing software.

    Pay attention to lighting, use autofocus, then just find a good filter app in the app store to saturate the colors.
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    Really nice photos are "engineered." Meaning for example the photograher take his pix early in the morning or at dusk when the sun is not so strong.

    Really people, u always look for an equipment miracle.
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    SLC Flyfishing

    Just get hipstamatic or camerapro or some other photo app and start shooting. Those apps are pretty good at what they do. Also, learn something about good light and composure conventions.

    For example, the "camera!" app does a pretty good job with the right input. Below are two versions of the exact same shot, before and after processing. This was a quick grab, all I did was pay attention to the composure using the basic "rule of thirds". The rest is a filter in the "camera!" App.

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    SLC Flyfishing

    And the "edited" version:

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    One could theoretically take a high-quality photo with an expensive camera, edit it in Photoshop on their computer if they choose, email it to themselves, open and copy it to the iPhone camera roll and select it from the Instagram App options. Not all Instagram photos posted were/are taken with the mobile phone the app resides on.
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    I'm really sorry for being a duck about it, but you probably mean "voilà" (the French word), wallah means "by god" in Arabic...
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    Nope, I actually meant "wallah". Because "I swear to god"'ll take a great picture.
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    I don't see "Camera!" in the App Store, is it only for Macs?
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    SnowLeopard OSX

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    Here are some pics of my kids at the Grand Canyon... used iPhone 5 with different apps...

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    Always have the light source BEHIND the camera and subject.
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    SLC Flyfishing

    It's an iPhone app. Those shots were done 100% on the iphone5.

    If you want a good PC based photo editing app, Adobe Lightroom is as good as they come (short of throwing in the money and time to learn to use Photoshop effectively). It's all sliders and cropping and stuff, plus it serves as a photo portfolio organizer. Highly recommended.

    As far as the iPhone app, I guess it's called "Camera Awesome". It will show up on your phone as "Camera!"
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    Camera +

    Best camera/photo app hands down.

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