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How Do I know my Apple TV 2 is Jailbroken?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by syedrizvi21, Dec 9, 2011.

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    Folks, I just bought an apple tv 2 from Ebay. It is running on 4.2.2 and the seller never mentioned anything about the jailbroken fact but I went online and saw the video where the guy showed the jailbroken apple tv 2 will add mlb.tv in it. I already have that installed in my apple tv 2

    Is there a way to check if it is JB or not?

    how can I get free channels and what else can I do to tweak my apple tv2 to enjoy the fullest.

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    any one?
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    Wow, somebodys impatient, a whole 21 minutes before bumping the thread:D

    Anyway to your problem, MLB.TV comes as standard and as such that wont tell you if the ATV is jailbroken. A good indication of it being jailbroken would be if it has a Seas0nPass or NitoTV menu. Failing that look up the ATV's IP address in the settings menu and try to ssh into it from a computer, if you can then it's jailbroken, if not well then it's not jailbroken:D

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