How do I move an MP3 from MUSIC to PODCAST?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by TB07-NJ, Sep 1, 2008.

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    I downloaded an MP3 file (which was a PODCAST) off a website and "imported" it to my iPhone. This Podcast ends up in the MUSIC "folder" instead of thr PODCAST folder on the iPhone. I've tried dragging it around iTunes but it always stays as MUSIC. How do I get it to show up in the PODCAST listing on the iPhone rather then under MUSIC ?

    As you can tell I'm new at this.

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    Try going into iTunes, find the Podcast, hit Get Info, and change the genre to Podcast.

    Don't know if it will work , but couldn't hurt to try.
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    Try this from Doug's Applescript's for iTunes Re-add Selected Tracks as Podcasts
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    Tried that earlier, didn't work.
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    ok, Try this -- only backwards The post shows how to remove the podcast flag to convert the podcast mp3 to a "music" mp3.

    You should be able to the reverse and add the podcast flag to covert it to a "podcast" mp3, perhaps?
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    Thanks for the help. I checked out that link and the file I had to download was a virus. :) I've decided it isn't that important and I'll just live with it as is. I thought there was a "simple" solution I was missing like a switch in iTunes.
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    Oops, sorry about that . . . it has to be something in the ID3 tag, I would think. . .
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    how can i tranfer the video clips to the ipod ?
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    How do I move an MP3 from MUSIC to PODCAST?

    At the time of writing (March 2011) it's in the Get Info/Options tab. Change Media Kind from 'Music' to 'Podcast' and Bob's your uncle, it gets shifted.
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    I was just about to post this. Good catch! (Also, nice thread resurrect!)

    Pro tip: This is also the place to designate an imported TV show file as a TV Show rather than a movie, and have it show up under TV Shows in iTunes. Change the Media Kind of a movie to TV Show, then in the Video tab, fill in the Show field with the show's name.
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    How do I move an MP3 from Music to Podcas

    hey cliodhna!
    THANKS! Really appreciated.
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    Thanks from me, too!

    I've been searching for this solution for a while. Thanks.
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    Doesn't work for me! Changing Music to Podcast removes the mp3 file from the music list but it does not appear in podcasts.

    The file is still in the iTunes Music folder under Podcasts but placed in sub-folder "Unknown Podcasts". This does not show up in the podcast section of iTunes. I currently have 49 podcast folders but only 33 of them are showing up in the iTunes podcast section.

    Anyone know how to make these folders show up in iTunes?
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    Finally decided to register to answer this question.

    It's get info > options > media kind you need to change to fix it. The other setting in get info > info > genre doesn't move it for you.

    I just figured this out reading the thread 5 minutes ago after trying to get it to work for months now.:eek:
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    Did that already and problem remains. Podcast is moved to the podcast folder in iTunes Music folder, under new folder "Unknown Podcasts". However this folder does not show up in iTunes. I have a further 16 folder under Podcasts in the iTunes Music folder that do not show in iTunes.

    I want to know how to get these folders to show up in iTunes so I can play the podcasts..... anyone know?
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    I didn't have this issue. I took some of my ASOT podcast and changed the option I listed in my other post and it worked fine.

    I also use MediaMonkey to tag all of my music the way I want it also so all of my podcast no downloaded directly from iTunes have my own tags so they group correctly.

    Do you have the Album info filled out on each podcast? If it doesn't have Album info it will put it into an unknown folder since it doesn't know how to ID it.
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    Select the mp3 file, Command-I for Info, click on "options", and change "Media Kind" to "Podcast".
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    YIKES! My thread from 4 years ago! (Yes, my username changed). Yea, I finally found an easy way. I got an Android phone (but I do have an iPad)! ;):D:)
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    Changing mp3 to podcast

    To change the mp3 to a podcast. Select the song. Right click. Choose "Get Info" and then select "Options". Under options it there you will find a box where you can change the type from music to podcast.
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    Didn't work for me

    It doesn't work for me. I'm using iTunes 11.0.4 under Mac OS X 10.8.4 and when I choose Get Info on the .mp3 in my Music folder, then the Options tab, the Media Kind check box and pull-down list are greyed out and permanently set to Music. In the Info tab I have Artist set correctly, Album = podcast name, and Genre = podcast.

    I installed the Web Sharing pane in Settings and turned it on, hoping to use Doug's Applescript for iTunes "Re-Add Selected Tracks as," but the instructions tell us to drop the file into the Scripts folder under Itunes in the Library folder. There's no Library folder with an Itunes folder in it, and no Scripts folder associated with iTunes. Moreover the instructions say to run the app from the Scripts menu in iTunes, and there is no Scripts menu.

    I'd appreciate an update on how to move Music files to Podcasts.

    Thanks in advance.

    Sunnyvale, CA
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    I'm on a quest to automate my mp3 to podcast import as well.


    I'd rather not have to manually change per mp3 in itunes as they are imported.

    Will MediaMonkey or TagScanner let us modify the "Media Type" from Music to Podcast? The Genre is already podcast but we need to change Media Type as was stated. If I can somehow automate this so my downloaded mp3's will have the correct Podcast Media Type then iTunes would import things correctly and automatically sync to my iPhone via WiFi.

    FYI, I had the same probem at first where mp3 vanished from the iTunes music library and iOS music app. If you use spotlight search to look for the name of the mp3 you imported, you'll actually find it.

    I'm not sure how I got it working but once it does, all future mp3's you add and change media type from Music to Podcast will automatically show up just fine. (and in the same correct Podcast grouping/name)

    To get the downloaded MP3 to my iTunes/iPhone I'm thinking of using
    How to Automatically Sync Any Song You Download to iTunes
    Belvedere Automates Your Self-Cleaning PC (this will copy the mp3 to the import folder)

    The modemyi guys suggested using a Jailbreak Cydia app called Bridge

    I could try using Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive.

    I have "Open With" capability then and Bridged is one of the choices. It let me import it to Podcast right then and there!

    hmmmm so many things to test not sure which will end up being the most automated (least amount of steps)


    Does this still work with Mountain Lion?

    "Mountain Lion Issues: Web Sharing activation is no longer available from the Sharing Preferences." :-(
    He posted a work around but not sure it's confirmed working.

    I'm a Windows 8 guy but I have Mountain Lion running in a VMware I could try.

    I'll give it a shot! (and share my results)
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    Update, the app SpeedUp is Superior to FastMusic. (Thanks djkikrome on WDM forum)

    Lite (free)

    Pro (paid)

    I went ahead and paid for the pro version of SpeedUp Lite and guess what?

    1) It's full screen and even more polished looking on iPhone 5 (lite is older short screen)

    2) It has Preferences to control custom gestures, custom remote headphone controls.

    3) It has Preferences to Save play position!

    4) It displays the show info/notes WDM embedded into the unsyncedlyrics tag!!!!! (AWESOME)
    You can scroll up down to read them all too


    Ok so this is the final fix I'm 100% happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Speed listening at it's finest.
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    I love this app aswell I also upgraded to pro. Love that you can customise buttons, but it's such a pity doesn't sync play position with iTunes.

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