how do i put a 320gb drive in a powermac g4 gigabit?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by kenmasters8319, Apr 6, 2007.

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    i been reading up on the drive limitations of a powermac g4 gigabit models and it seems the most it can handle with out any user intervention is a 120gig hdd.

    now i wanna put a 320gig in that sucker how would i go about doing it?
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    Get a controller card. They can be had for cheap nowadays.
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    quick question can i use SATA instead? or am i just limited to using ide controller cards?

    and can i install mac osx on the drive and boot from it??

    i am new to the mac world so please bare with me..

    will this one work??

    its cheap and it looks tempting.
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    SATA will work as well, just make sure the controller is OS X compatible. The one you linked to didn't mention it so I'd say search around Newegg a bit more for one that specifically states OS X compatibility. Booting I believe depends on the card too, check the actual product page of the card you find for more specific info about it.
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    I put a SIIG SATA 4 connection card from and right now i got (1) 300GB SATA drive and (1) 400 GB SATA drive in there .... Wanting to put a (4) 750GB drives to finally put my Gigabit Ethernet Tower as media server.. :D
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    You can use a SATA controller but you must make sure the manufacturer guarantees that the firmware is Mac compatible, and with your model.

    Also, few SATA controller cards are bootable in OSX. I think Firmtek's is the only one; and then onlu in specific models of machine.

    A parallel ATA controller (ATA/100 or ATA/133, again Mac compatible) may be a better choice.
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    huummm........ SIIG, Firmtek and Sonnet (Acard-based only, but not the Promise-based ones) are all bootable in all G4's running OS X. I've used several of each in a B&W G3, Sawtooth, DA, and a QS/867 notta problemo :D

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