How do I reformat HD of an LC III?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by jharing, Jan 17, 2005.

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    I have a Mac LC III from like 1991, I want to get rid of it but want to clean the harddrive, first. Is there a reformat command to use to wipe the disk clean? Or, if easy, can I just remove the harddrive?

    PS, if anyone wants it, and is willing to pay for shipping, it's theirs.
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    I think you probably need to boot off of an external drive like a floppy or external HD. (maybe very hard to find)
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    Do you have a strong magnet? That might work if you know where the HD is in the case.
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    These things have nice power supplies -- I have a 7W pirate FM transmitter installed in one. Left the logic board so when i turn it on the first thing transmitted is the nice Mac OS chime. =]
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    If you have another machine with scsi you could attach it to that.

    The LCIII is very easy to open, just two clips at the back and the top lifts off. The scsi drive is just clipped in place too, probably a 120MB drive.

    The utility you need is "drive setup" in the utilities folder. This can zero all data.
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    Download the Network Floppy from Apple's obsolete tech page. Its a floppy disk that you can download. It is fully bootable floppy. You can mess with the contents (remove chooser) and place the Disk Setup Utility on it.

    It isn't that hard. Start off the floppy. See if the floppy has the Disk Setup Utility. It it does, use it. If not, then trash some non-vital things from the floppy and copy from the hard drive the Disk Setup Utility. Then use it.
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    On an LC it's called Apple HD SC Setup. Drive Setup was for IDE drives if I remember correctly.
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    yesh, you're right, it is HD SC Setup for non PPC. Drive Setup is for OS 7.5 on a PowerPC chip but will do SCSI drives as well as IDE.
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    Can I take out the HD of my old LC III and plug it into my Powerbook with a USB connection/enclosure.
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    Mr. G4

    No...the drive is SCSI.
    So unless you have an enclosure that take SCSI drive to Firewire you won't be able to access it.
    There are also PCMCIA-SCSI card that you can connect to your Powerbook.
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    Thanks Mr. G4!

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