How do I reformat my HD? What to do after that...

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by roxy1107, Jun 30, 2004.

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    Just curious and not too knowledgeable about all of this. I have an Imac DV SE. I only have about 100 mb of memory left on the OSX side of the partition that I use mostly. So, I've decided to add an external HD, but I also want to have a "clean" computer without the partitioned OS9 and X. Can I reformat and then just add(and work from) applications on the external drive? How should I set it up? Or should I just leave it alone and just add the extra external memory for stuff like photos?
    Any advice would be wonderful.
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    Yes, you can boot from a Firewire external hard drive--even from an iPod.

    There's no need to partition a drive for OS 9/OS 10. They can live on the same partition and not get in each other's way.
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    Just be sure to copy any files/applications you'll need to your external drive before you format the internal drive.
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    I partitioned the HD's because I was having crashes.

    I was having some problems with freezing and crashing and couldn't even force things to quit, so a tech up at my University suggested that the two OS's are so different that they don't like each other and would recommend partitioning. What do I know? I have only had a computer for four years and am pretty ignorant about the real technical stuff. That's why having your advice is so valuable. And I do appreciate all the feedback.
    Well, I just purchased a LaCie 160 GB external drive (USB) and it should be arriving this week. I am hoping it will actually work on this old Imac. Afraid that it might run too hot or something. But, if it does work I won't have to worry about reformatting, I guess. :eek: :eek:
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    Reformatting the internal drive is probably not necessary, but having only 100MB of free space on that drive will slow you down, whether or not you add the external drive. You need at least a gig or so of free space for virtual memory to work effectively. Moving some of your apps, etc. to the external drive and freeing up space will definitely speed things up.
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    Hate to be the bringer of bad news....

    but if you can you might want to return that drive if you can and get a firewire drive. The USB will be VERY slow, way to slow to boot off of or do large file transfers. I know the drive says it is fast, even claims to be faster than firewire, which is true. However, there are two types of USB, USB 1 and USB 2. Your computer only has USB 1, the drive is USB 2 (USB 1 drives don't exist because it is so slow). The only difference between the USBs is the speed at which they can transfer data. USB 1 can at 12mbps and USB 2 can at 480mbps, even if you don't know what those numbers mean, you can tell that USB 2 is a LOT faster.

    Basicly, the drive will work, but at USB 1 speeds, which is literaly 400 times slower than the drive is capable of. However if you get a firewire drive, it will work very well.

    Thought I should point it out in case you weren't aware and try and prevent some major headaches.
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    can you boot from usb drive? i always thought the feature was for firewire only. either way, have you considered replacing the imac internal hard drive to a newer, bigger and faster? it is relatively easy to do if you can handle the screwdriver...
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    Not trying to split hairs, but 480Mbps / 12 Mbps = 40. So, the overall transfer speed will be roughly 40x slower than USB 2.0 speeds. I agree a Firewire drive is the way to go, if you still have the option.
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    Don't freak out yet. LaCie is really good about interfaces, so it probably also has FireWire. Most of their current drives support FireWire, USB, and USB 2. You won't be able to boot from USB though, so if that's all it has you'll have to exchange it for a model that supports FireWire.

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