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How do I save a website page as a picture?

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by xBass009, Oct 10, 2008.

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    I mean the whole thing
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    There are several FireFox plug-ins that do this. I haven't used them in a while though.
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    Print to PDF > open PDF in Preview > Save As > JPG/TIF/TGA.

    But it only prints in A4 in the standard settings, so you could set it to A3 or something else to fit the entire page (Print > little drop-out-more arrow on the right side of the printer selection), and then crop it in Preview.

    I just tested it with this page (the one with the Reply to Thread input field).
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    I was going to mention print to PDF but it creates page breaks and not one continuous image.
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    Of course does it break pages, but if it is set to A4 it's more than understandable.
    Just set them to A2 or A1 or A0 or manually to a specific height and width, print to pdf and then crop the important part.
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    Don't print to a PDF. Not a good solution. Use this instead.

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