How do I see deleted safari history?

Discussion in 'Wasteland' started by needstoknow, May 24, 2012.

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    So, my husband yet again I believe is sleazing around, and would like to see what hes deleting off of his iphone....... I just need to know if my suspisions are yet again true so I can make the decision to leave him or not. I have seen the discussions saying they are in /Users/yourusername/Library/Safari/History.plist, but I dont know where to go to find it, can somebody please help?!
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    You don't, unless he's jail broken his phone.
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    Because his potential sleazing around warrants sleazing around on your part?

    I'm pretty sure you can't get to history that's been deleted, or to that plist, unless the phone is already jailbroken. The file structure on iOS devices is inaccessible outside of a jailbreak.
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    What are you expecting to find from his Safari history?
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    If you JB his phone, you can run all kinds of 'spy' software.. Reports SMS, location, emails.. Not sure how much info is avail in Safari, maybe just p0rn sites he's been too.

    Sorry he's a chump.
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    p.s. you say "yet again I believe". I think you've lost the trust despite was he is or isn't doing.

    I suggest you cut your losses.
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    If it coming to posting on forums to try to recover History i think its safe to say this relationship has had its day.
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    Just to what normal people do, and use the iPhone's GPS to follow him via "find my iPhone".
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    Leave him. :mad:

    It's pretty obvious that this relationship is over and done with. Take a pic of yourself with your iPhone and post it here with personal info as a test of your phone of course. We'll help you out. :D
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    Just hire a PI to tail him , $350 a day but if your right at least that will be able to be brought up in court.
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    Well ealistically what people have been saying is pretty much correct. Without boring you, the any files (certainly in this case) that could link to your husbands history are inaccessible without jail breaking etc. however, you can get a rough guess of what sites he's been visiting by going to settings-->safari-->advanced-->Web data.
    This is essentially all passwords things he's searched an what not. It's not a perfect answer to your question but it may give you a clue.
    However the easiest option and please don't quote me on this is probably to call you Internet provider an ask for a list of all sites visited from your IP address. That last part may very well be utter rubbish but it's probably worth a try.
    I hope some of this has helped. If he's looking at porn you can't hold it against him asking a man to not look at porn is like asking bill gates not to be rich. However of he is "sleeIng around" then, well...get the ****.
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    Did you even bother to look at the date of the post you've repled to? Apparently not:rolleyes:
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    Anybody knows if is it possible to delete selected items from the purchased history on appStore app?
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    You can only hide them, not delete them. Also, bringing back a two year old thread isn't always the best idea. You may want to start a thread of your own for your question.
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    You are going to base the future of your marriage based off safari history?
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    Actually, I want to get back my lost safari bookmark, I found it is too hard for me.
    So I think if anyone got a way to view them, it's ok either.
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    what if he wasnt cheating on you but was just watching porn on his phone...would that be a reason for you to leave him???
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