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How do you clean your MBP/Powerbook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by erkanasu, Mar 12, 2006.

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    Yeah, i like to keep my stuff cleannnnnnn!
    Okay, i know i can get screen wipes for the laptop screen, but what about the body? Whats the best method for getting the grim and smuge marks off these things? Thanks
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    Rubbing alcohol and some nice paper towels work for me on the body. If you're extra picky, go get some of those wipes for glasses - those tend to be the nicest for any sensitive surface, glass or not.

    And then go get some automotive Turtle Wax from Wal-Mart and use a smidge on your machine's exterior.

    Okay, that last part's a joke. God knows if we did that, we'd be waxing our legs every day, because the machine would melt it away and leave it on our legs!
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    I use Clorox Wipes. They clean and disinfect too.
  4. adk
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    I've heard that those will actually take the letters off the keyboard, so be careful.
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    After G

    Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Works wonders on my notebook.
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    i use iKlear and the micro-fiber cloth. it removes dirt really well and keeps my macs from being scratched. it also adds some shine to my macs, especially the iMac.
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    Electro Funk

    Viva paper towels (very very soft) and windex seems to work great on the exterior of my old titanium G4 Pbook... Microfiber cloth and water on the screen to keep it crystal clear:cool:
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    Electro Funk

    does it really add some shine? i have thought of using this but never have... now that i have the new iMac, maybe i'll give it a shot...
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    That's not possible on a powerbook (if you have a backlit keyboard) because the letters are not just a 'painted' on. They are actually little clear spots in the key. How else would the light get through?
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    rubbing alcohol destroys trackpads, watch out with that stuff.
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    how about a damp paper towel or sponge? cheap and just as effective.
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    Same here. ;)
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    yeah, it really does add some shine to the iMac. i noticed this when i first got the iKlear and used it on both my powerbook and iMac. The powerbook looked much newer than before and the iMac just 'shone'. :) Works on my new baby, the MBP too. I'd suggest spraying the solution on the cloth and then wiping the machine, rather than spraying it directly (you can do that for the LCD though).
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    How do we clean tiny thingy stucked in the speaker hole?
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    While I don't yet have a MBP, I'd suggest using compressed air. Just be careful with the stuff, if you've never used it before, I implore you to read the instructions/warnings on the can.
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    Paper products are a bad idea on screens because they scratch surfaces really easily. A soft cloth would be a better option. They are probably find on the rest of the machine, although on an ipod or ibook, they will likely scratch the surface since both are quite delicate.
  18. DJY
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    Another ditto here!
    Only thing I use on my beloved PB
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    A vacumn cleaner works great too
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    MORE BASS!!!!! :D

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