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How do you clean your powerbook?

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mfacey, Mar 5, 2006.

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    I've had my powerbook for nearly a year now and comparing it to new powerbooks it look pretty grubby. The top casing and palm rests have become a bit blotchy with fingerprints and smudges.

    I was just wondering what Alu. powerbook users out here use to keep their computers looking nice and pristine? I've seen a mention of clorox wipes in another thread already, any other suggestions?
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    Nice clean glasses cloth and some alcohol or just water seems to take care of everything but the scratches. If you use water it you only want the cloth slightly damp and it is a good idea to have a second lint free cloth to dry it so you don't leave streaks.
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    Does a damp cloth take care of greasy smudges too? It never works on my glasses! Besides, I really don't like the idea of using water on my powerbook.:eek:
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    Usually it does for me. If not I use just a dry cloth and sort of buff out the smudges.

    About the water, it is fine to use as long as the cloth is not to wet. When you squeeze the cloth in hand or above on the PowerBook you do not want it to drip out any water at all or be enough to build up water droplets. But if you do that you can't hurt the outside of it with water. If you are really paranoid do it with the the Powerbook off, unplugged and battery removed. That way even if you do get a little water in it you can just let it dry for a while with no harm done.
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    For my iBook, I used a damp soft quilted paper towel to clean the exterior (if needed, as it does not get dirty because no one touches my machines except me). For PB (both Al and Ti), I just use micro-fiber towel to dust off occasionally. All of my Macs are protected with iSkin and I use external keyboard/mouse/Wacom tablets; so, they don't get dirty nor greasy. I wash my hands before I use my computers. I also keep iKlear for more thorough cleaning, if needed.
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    I use one of those microfibre glass cloths. I wet part of it and wring it out then cover it with the dry bit and wring again so it's just barely damp. Good for both the cover and screen and absorbs greasy marks.
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    I actually have a Radtech Screensaver cloth for my powerbook, never considered trying it wet though! Dry it works pretty well getting smudges off the screen. I'll give it a shot making it damp!
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    This is my kinda thread! :D I am a huge, anal cleanboy when it comes to my PB. The way I do it is to use the iKlear ApplePolish Chamois Kit. I use the large cloth and the spray once per week...every Sunday to be exact. (Hey, it's cleaning day, btw...:eek: ) Two squirts (2 squirts is necessary to clean the entire 17" screen, less for the 15, 12") on the screen, rub it in, polish with a dry portion of cloth. Again with the top and bottom of the case, and the palmrest/keyboard area. It gives the screen an amazing polish to it that (based on the iKlear, repels dust) keeps the PB looking like I bought it yesterday.

    Same with the iPods, too. I know, I know...it maybe a bit excessive, but if I wanted something that was unattractive (and thus, easier to let goto crap) then I would have bought a windows box (which I have, and haven't dusted it or turned it on in ages). :D

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