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How do YOU distinguish your mac remote from your Apple TV remote?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by benlee, Feb 23, 2008.

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    Just got an Apple TV. Going to sync. Two Macs and an Apple TV are in same room. Any interesting things you all do to distinguish your remotes?
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    I never use the Mac remotes, and I use a Logitech Harmony remote for my home theater setup. including :apple:TV. I have 3 Apple remotes at home (iMac, MB, and :apple:TV, and one at work (iMac). None of them ever get used.
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    I have 2, I left the wrapper on my iMac remote since I don't use it and it sits on the foot of the iMac. The Apple TV remote is usually on the coffee table next to the tv remote or on the mantle.

    Plus both are paired to their specific device so the Apple TV remote won't activate Front Row on the iMac and vice versa.
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    I only use the remote with :apple:TV so I just keep 1 out and have it paired to the :apple:TV
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    I keep the one I'm not using in my coffee table drawer. I did get them mixed up last week when they both randomly unpaired themselves, but otherwise it's a system that works out well.
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    My problem is that I have an Apple TV remote and the HiFi remote. I used the HiFi's optical input from the AppleTV for my "home theatre" (I'm in an apartment so I don't want to be 'that guy' who cranks 5.1 with a huge subwoofer all night). Since they're both on the coffee table they got mixed up a lot. I solved this problem by MacGyver'ing my AppleTV remote on the underside of the TV remote to make one mega-remote. The free apple remote is then the one for the speaker. Not idea, but it works.
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    My iMac one remains in the plastic, while my Apple TV one is naked in the wild :)

    My MBP remote is thrown in my briefcase with the plastic on...
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    We have 4 Apple remotes in the house, each paired to their own Mac (2 Mac mini's, a MacBook Pro and a MacBook). I've had to write on the back of each remote to which Mac they belong to.

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    a label maker helped me differentiate my remotes...
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    I don't use one for my Mac, and I programmed my TV's Universal remote for the Apple TV.

    I guess that means I don't use the Apple remote at all...
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    I'm going to make a label on the front of my Apple TV remote that simply says :apple: TV.
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    I don't have an apple tv but having two remotes is essentially the same problem.

    Here is my solution, they are both blue-taced to the wall above my bed.

    iMac on the left, Macbook on the right
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    I can tell because my DOg chewed up the one I have paired with the AppleTV - the other two dont look like chewed up pieces of gum:) But it still works great:)
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    Black sharpie dot on the back of my AppleTV remote. Works "ok"
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    Put a sticker on the back of the ATV one or something.
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    Another vote for Logitech Harmony remotes. On mine, Apple TV #1 is called Apple TV #1 and Apple TV #2 is called Apple TV #2.
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