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How do you format your home screen on android?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by The Game 161, Apr 28, 2013.

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    The Game 161

    Do you guys just have widgets in your home screen and just go to the apps section for your apps or do you have your favourite apps only in your home screen and apps you don't use all the time you leave in the apps section?
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    I never use any widgets expect for maybe dash clock. I always use nova prime, and make my main home screen simple and a second page for other frequently used apps. Here is a ss for reference.

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  3. MRU


    I have clock/weather widget. No more widgets. I find them annoying generally.

    I prefer simple design rather than cluttered mess.
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    I put whatever is used often on my home screen. Including widgets that I use.
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    Dr McKay

    I have these select folders on my main screen, I used to have a clock, but when wondered why have 2? So I let Google Now have free reign. My 2nd screen is just various music widgets.

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  6. slu
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    I have a weather widget the same size as an app icon. Other than that, my home screen is full of app icons. Try not to use folders for frequently used apps.
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    Home screen:

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    Generally a little of both. I use BobClock and Eye in the Sky widgets and most frequently use apps on the main home screen. My screens on either side of the main screen have large scrollable Twitter and Calendar (Android Pro Widgets).

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    I like simple and clean. Widgets are on other screens (Evernote, SoundHound, etc) as are folders. I have a single row along the bottom of every screen to follow the clean lines look.

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    Very nice indeed. Car to share what widgets/themes you've used here?
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    Sure, no problem.

    I use Nova Prime as my launcher. The circle on the left of the dock opens the app drawer and the one on the right opens multitasking.

    The worded icons are done using Icon Changer and an app called Simple Text. With this, you can type out the names of the apps as anything you want and change the size and position of the words within the icon area. It's pretty addictive once you start...LOL.

    The calendar is Simple Calendar. I love it because you can really tailor it to how you want it to look, what calendars it shows, how far into the future, etc. You can even change the opacity of the background. Right now I've got it completely clear.

    And I have the persistent Google search bar on every screen through Nova Prime. You can choose from two different looks (either ICS or Jellybean). I like the minimal design of just an outline, so I use the ICS search bar, though I'm running Jellybean on my Optimus G.

    Feel free to let me know if there's anything else you'd like to know.
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    Ribbon bar (similar to Pie Control found on some ROMs) opens for a few seconds when you swipe from the right edge of the screen and allows for any app to be placed there. I use it for menu, back, recent apps and frequently used apps.
    News ticker on top, customized for the RSS feeds I want.
    And then a few apps onscreen with custom icons and folders. Sometimes I use a dock and sometimes not. Depends.
    FTL drive live wallpaper. Or warp speed. Whatever you want to call it. Only live wallpaper I use.

    Screenshots with and without ribbon bar;
  13. Dontazemebro, Apr 28, 2013
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    I don't really care for widgets except for clock, battery, weather and maybe a news feed. I'm a minimalist fan myself. Here are some of my screens over time






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    I place widgets on my other homescreens. The only widgets on my primary screen are a digital clock and Google Search.

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    On my main screen I have 2 widgets

    One is for the weather, like to see at a glance what the weather is going to be for the next few days - living in the UK it's usually wet and cold though

    Another for my book reading app, shows current book with stats, and I can flip through to see other recently added books, quicker than opening the book app

    Apart from that it's the apps I use most often set into folders (Books, Music, Social, Video), things like Gmail, Chrome are on the bottom tray

    Apps I only use occasionally just sit in the app drawer, never put these on home screens
  16. daveathall, Apr 29, 2013
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    On my lock screen I have a widget that is for the emergency services in case of accident (ICE)

    On my home screen I have 3 widgets, clock, battery and weather.

    Lock Screen


    Home Screen


    My other screens are quite minimalist.

    Films and YouTube etc.


    Reading and social media.




    Web and cloud based facilities

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    If you are using nova, you do not need icon changer....that is actually redundant. Nova allows you to change the icons without having a separate app to do so :)
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    My home screen is just the htc one blinkfeed, I love it! I'm a massive fan of just reading news, seeing what's going on in soccer etc and being able to have an update on all technology is heaps cool! On my sg3 I used to have 2/3 pages of widgets for all my news and sport intake, so now that I have this blinkfeed, I'm super happy haha.

    My secondary, main page though just consists of the google search widget, the htc one weather/time widget which looks really nice, and 4 folders of apps which contain: a google apps folder, a multi media folder, a social network folder, and a productivity folder.

    I only have two pages though at the moment haha
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    You know, now that you say that, I realize it...LOL. I've noticed that option in Nova but never really explored it. Thanks for the heads-up! :D


    I'd love to know what you're using to get this look. Especially the toggles and icons below them. This is VERY nice!
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    Thanks, been a while since I did that one. I can't remember what news feed that was but the clock, date, battery and (mail/text/phone) counter bar were all made using UCCW. If you're not familiar with UCCW go read up on the original thread over at xda. The counter bar is one of the templates you'll find there. It takes a bit of trial & error but once you figure it out, you can create any widget your heart desires.

    Last but not least, the icons are ICS plates EX and the power toggle is widgetsoid donate version (I created the actual toggle icons myself using the 'simple text' app).
  21. kdarling, Apr 30, 2013
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    I'm pretty stock, although I use lots of folders and usually never have to leave my primary screen.

    Widgets: search, weather, time, alarm, calendar and moon phase.

    Folders: contain about 60 favorite apps only two touches away.


    Another page is also full of folders of lesser used categories.
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    Thanks! I appreciate the help.

    I've tried messing with UCCW before, but MAN...it'll give you a headache fast if you don't know exactly what you're doing! I need to do some more reading and figure out how to use it correctly. You can do some really amazing things with it.

    Thanks again!
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    Usually keep just a weather/clock widget but recently added a news widget as well. With the size of the Note 2 I can run a 5x6 icon grid so still have room for my most-used apps on the home screen.


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    Totally empty except for the Google-bar and Google Now-widget.
    Swiping up reveals the app drawer.

    Very minimal, I really don't need anything more.

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    kdarling and I have similar approaches. I have exactly what I need in my home screen. While I appreciate the aesthetics other people show, my primary drive is function not form.

    This phone is both work and personal, so I have a weather widget, a calendar widget and my heavily used stuff on the main home screen.

    Here ya go.


    The top is rings widget, then calendar widget.

    The background is a recent Hubble image of the Horsehead nebula in infrared bands, which is then realized in visible frequencies.

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