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How do you make this type of picture?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by crazydreaming, Oct 29, 2005.

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    I've always wondered how this is done, now I'm trying to do it myself. I have video footage that I cut out a bunch of small little parts and made them pictures. Now, how do I put a bunch of pictures in the same picture.... Photoshop I assume... but...??? Thanks!

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    If you've got the pics already (from your video footage) then Photoshop is the way. Choose one of your pics as the starting point - it obviously has to have a wide enough 'vista'. Then cut out the figures from each of the other pics in turn and paste them in to the first pic. They'll each paste in on their own layer so you can move and adjust each image (use Edit > Free Transform).
    To do the cutting out I would use the pen tool to draw a path, then convert the path to a selection - do this from the Layers / Paths palette.
    Also you might want to feather the selection by 1 or 2 pixels to avoid the 'cut out and stuck on' look you can get by doing this.
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    the way that's normally done iirc (digitally) is to take a burst of pictures (say 8 or 10) and overlay one on top of the other (paste in new layer and change mode to "overlay") but i could be wrong. with film i think you take a burst of pics onto the same frame of film...
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    Multi layer... strobe effects

    1. camera should be mounted on a tripod
    2. either set for video or 4-6 frames per second
    3. place each frame or shot on a separate layer.
    4. start cutting each shot as you would a puzzle piece and mask out all else on each layer (notice the shadows also are strobed on the snow below the skier)

    you can then splice the layers together to a pixel accuracy and flatten the whole shot to get what you see.

    Remember it take practice and patience but do it a few times, and the methods seem to get faster and easier...
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    Is it me or do the number of shadows do not match the number of figures. :confused:

    If so its a bad job. ;) :)
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    numbers matching

    So someone else saw that:rolleyes:
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    LOL. I totally missed that in your post. :)
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    That's a solution, but it has one major drawback: exposure. You can't (without complex use of flash) achieve correct exposure on both background and subject. You either expose the background correctly or the subject. The background gets photographed several times, and each time the film gets another "dose" of exposure. The subject on the other hand only gets one "dose" of exposure per position. Plus you'll most likely get ghost effects on the subject (akin to transparency).

    I believe Sparky's is the winner. ;) :)
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    Wow, you guys are awesome! Thanks, now I can have some fun with Photoshop.

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