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How do you organize your desk?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dinggus, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Looking to get more organized, I get annoyed or something but when I have alot of just crap around my computer desk (and house) and it's not organized I get extremely angry. So, I'm looking for ways to organize. Right now I have 3 external HDD's, 1 portable HDD, a pen holder, the backpack for the 27" iMac, and that is it.

    I was thinking about getting the Space Bar (http://www.quirky.com/products/22-The-Space-Bar-Desk-Organizer)

    What do you guys recommend for organizational things?
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    I like that space bar thing :)
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    On my desktop I have the casual things that need to be deleted. I have one text file where I write every note and passwords (very secure). And one folder called "Stuff", I put there all the crap that need to be sorted out later.

    I usually sort of everything once and every time I download I place teh files in their folders. For example, audio books is a folder in the Music folder, and things like that.

    Once you have everything organized, it is easier later on because you have the categories created.
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    I don't think you read my original post.

    Organizing my desk...
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    That looks nice....No good for me though....I've just got too much stuff and gave up all hope years ago of ever having a tidy organised desk....I get by..:)

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    Wow that doesn't qualify as tidy? My desk looks like a bomb went off compared to that....:p
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    Trust me, I took that just after a clear up...:D
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    My desk is all glass and the only things touching it are my iMac, 1 keyboard, 1 mouse, and 1 mousepad. Nothing more. Printer, external drive, router, etc, are all neatly hidden in a small cabinet I keep in a corner of my home office. My OCD is on another level. :)
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    Lets see it.
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    Jessica Lares

    It doesn't sound like you have a real issue, other than your desk being too small. Build yourself a shelf or two! :)
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    Here is part of it... I'm a little too not-sober to go grab a UWA lens and do a whole-room shot but here's also an old pic of when I had a Windows laptop as part of my setup. I only have the iMac now. Even the framed picture is gone.

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    I do everything over NAS so that removed the need for externals.

    Apple Wireless Keyboard
    Logitech MX Darkfield Wireless Mouse
    MacBook Pro
    Windows Laptop

    That all that's usually on my desk.....


    Sometimes it can get out of control though....

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    Exact opposite. It's probably 4ft wide and the wife took it over as her makeup vanity while watching her TV shows on the 27" iMac :(

    Looks nice.

    I'd love to learn more about NAS or how to even set one up. I would like to have 12TB's and have it hidden.


    I'm thinking about maybe a smaller glass table or a corner desk. Hard to make a man-cave with no imagination, haha.


    The issue is, I think the room is either to big or to small. The futon I'd like to replace with a more adult looking (this one was $35) or maybe with like a hide away bed in a couch.

    An idea just popped into my head, I'll sketch it out when I get back from the gym because I don't go to the gym after my 12hr work shift, then I won't ever go today.
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    I thought this office was waaaay to small to have this set up how it is now.

    All i can say is plan plan plan plan plan plan! MAke sure your plan is accurately messaged and it'll help a lot.

    Glass typically looks messy because of power cables being visible through it.

    Here's my plan from when we moved the office around:

  15. dinggus, Dec 22, 2012
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2012

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    You think my room is to small? Should I just put a new futon in it? Where could I position the tv? I have 2 drawn up that I'll upload after my gym session. Almost done.

    Here are my 2 idea's, haha.

    Idea #1
    or move the middle couch towards the wall near the computer.

    Idea #2

    I'd even get a corner desk to get more room.
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    SnowLeopard OSX

    The Space Bar looks pretty nice -- goes really well with the iMac, Macbook Pro, and other Apple devices. I'd be pretty nervous about the iMac tipping over and falling over it, though. It doesn't look like there's very much space for the iMac to sit and rest on.
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    Looks just as long as the stand?
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    If you want, you can try out Trimble Sketchup- it's pretty simple to create walls and there is a large library of furniture (including most every Mac) available for direct download into the application.
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    I have the same desk, I love L shaped desks
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    I'd use an L-shaped desk, but right now I'm going to rearrange my area tomorrow and work with some things.
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    This is the room:


    The only stuff I have out are the essentials:


    Pens, USB sticks, guitar picks and a metronome.
    (Yes I could use a computer based metronome but the physical one is just faster to use when teaching.)
    Everything else in the drawers next to the Mac Pro.

    My favourite item in the room would have to be my drinks coasters made from old vinyl records:

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    Nice, I'd love to find the coasters that are like a stone and it soaks up the moisture.

    But as for the man cave/organizing my desk. I'm debating between a corner desk, smaller white desk, or frosted glass desk.

    Figured the corner one would be perfect to maximize space in the room.
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    Why is your Dock so large, aren't you wasting a lot of space?
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    Clutter from one end to another, although I work on decluttering every 6 months or so. The worse is when I'm leaning on stacks of paper while typing at my keyboard...
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