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How do you upload pics from PowerPC into iCloud?

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by kavika411, Jan 18, 2012.

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    Thanks for reading this. I've been looking in various forums here and in Apple Support but can't find an answer.

    The short question is this:

    How do I get 30 gigs of pictures and video out of iPhoto 7 (running on a PowerPC G5) into iCloud?

    Two years ago I purchased a MacBook Air (Intel), and over time it has replaced my G5 (PowerPC). As I've needed various documents, songs, etc., I have transfered them piecemeal from the G5 to the Air. During that time period, I have also made the transition from MobileMe to iCloud. The G5 runs Leopard, and the Air runs Lion (and iPhoto '11).

    I would like to avoid using an external drive to transfer the 30 gigs of pictures and video. The reason I want to avoid this is because my Air does not have nearly that amount of storage left.

    So, is there a way to upload pictures and videos from Leopard/iPhoto 7 into iCloud? As I understand it, I cannot load iPhoto '11 onto my G5 because that requires Intel.

    Thanks for reading. I appreciate any thoughts or questions.
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    You can't. You need to upload them from a different machine.
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    you must use a machine with an OS that is iCloud compatible. You would sign in on that computer into iCloud and can open up iPhoto to load the pics. I'm not sure you can store 30gb's worth though. I think you can only load 1,000 is all.
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    If the Air had Firewire, it would be easy.
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    I have a 2009 MacBook running Snow Leopard, and I can't use iCloud. So, there is pretty much no chance of a PowerPC ever having compatible software to connect to iCloud.
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    If you upgraded to Lion, and connected your Macbook to a PPC Mac, with Firewire, that was in Target Disk Mode, then you could upload the files that were on the PPC, to iCloud.
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    Oh I know that, but I am keeping SL for now. My point more was that if a pretty new Intel MacBook with SL can't work with iCloud, then an older PowerPC computer certainly won't.

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