How does AirPlay work on the Apple TV?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MathBunny123, Aug 15, 2013.

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    Hello, will I be able to see my iPod's screen on my TV using AirPlay, or is it only on certain applications?
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    There are two types of Airplay

    1. Airplaying video from your device to your AppleTV
    2. Mirroring you screen

    Certain apps (like Amazon Instant Video) do not support Airplay at all so it's definitely a case by case basis.

    But yes, you can mirror your screen.
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    Awesome, thanks!
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    Mirroring an iPod Touch requires a 5th gen touch, as long as that's what you have you're good to go.
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    Adding to the answer above.

    - Generally if you're playing a video on your iPod Touch (or iPhone or iPad), you can tap an Airplay button (if there's an AppleTV on the same network), select the AppleTV from a list and the video will 'pause' on the iPod and start playing on your TV.

    - If Airplay is selected as the output 'device', it can lead to interesting side - effects. I launched a game the other day and music started blaring from my surround sound system. I didn't realise it was possible to play a game on an iOS device but have all the audio coming from the AppleTV / sound system.

    - If you select Airplay Mirroring, then you can view whatever's on your screen, but at a relatively low resolution and with big black borders around it. Almost anything you view on your iPod can be seen on the TV.

    - If you have Airplay Mirroring selected, and launch an app which natively supports it, they can display whatever they like on the TV. So some games put a dashboard on the iOS screen and the race screen on TV. Or Netflix plays the video on the TV screen and has the controls on the iOS screen.

    - Finally, Airplay playback can be disabled for some sites. I don't know if it's still disabled if you turn on Airplay Mirroring - I've heard it's true but I haven't experienced it myself.

    Hope that didn't confuse things too much.
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    It is disabled by some apps, e.g. if you start up the Amazon Instant Video app with AirPlay Mirroring on, the mirroring will stop.
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    AirPlay Mirroring for Macs

    AirPlay Mirroring in Mountain Lion for Macs is another feature that makes Apple TV worth the money. It opens the door to alot of possibilities even mirroring XBMC to your Apple TV from your Mac.

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