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How does one get hired at Apple corporate?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by eVolcre, Oct 27, 2003.

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    Color me frustrated. I'm a sales exec at IBM and have been applying to Apple via their website since last November. I must have applied to close to 100 positions and haven't heard back once.

    I am very qualified and just don't understant this. Any hints? This isn't an Apple Store position but rather one for Apple corporate ...

    Cheers - eV
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    best bet, call the company.
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    And I bet you a buck they say "Go through the website"
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    Try to get to know someone at Apple. From there it's pretty straightforward.

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    Well that's my problem - I don't know anyone at Apple.

    Here's an open offer - get me an interview I'll give you a $100, if I get hired you get $1000. eV's referral bonus.

    I'm serious too. Post here and I'll send you my resume. I have 5 years of excellent experience with IBM.

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    Won't hurt to try, though. I have talked my way into two jobs where I was told the companies weren't hiring. I just kept coming back every four or five days and asking if I could meet with a hiring manager until they finally put me through (just to shut me up, I think). From there I was able to demonstrate my charisma and people skills. The rest is history.

    Call. Call. Call. If you live in the area you can try dropping off a resume at the front desk.

    You may not need this, but here's a tip I picked up from my father when he was reviewing resumes for his company: slightly unusual (but not strange) paper always got attention. Heavier stock, perhaps an eggshell color rather than white, was an example. He also said that including a photo with the resume made applicants stand out every time. It actually works really well (assuming the content of your resume holds up after getting them to look! ;) )

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

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    Hey Dan, thanks for your post. it's the most helpful so far :). Problem is that I currently live in Indiana, there's no way I can drop off or stop by in person. Your comment about the resume holds true - I've always used Ivory heavy stock paper - problem - again - is that I am not dropping resumes off in person but am sending them through their online submission system.

    I'll try giving them a call.

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    When you call you might ask who to address a resume to and mail it in. Then you can still break the mold.

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    Hey!! That's a GOOD idea. Snail mail in todays day and age definitely draws more attention than email.

    Thanks - eV

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