How does the new Nano handle podcasts?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by smirk, Sep 26, 2009.

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    My wife has a 1G Nano that she listens to podcasts on while she runs. It has the annoying behavior of stopping playback when a podcast finishes, instead of going on to the next podcast. Some of her podcasts are only 5 minutes long, so this means she has to fiddle with it every 5 minutes or so to get the next podcast playing.

    Can someone with a new Nano please tell me what happens if you have several episodes of a podcast on it and you start playback? Does it still stop after the end of each episode or does it go onto the next one? Does it do the same if it's in shuffle mode? We went to the Apple store to find out, but they only have one podcast on their Nanos and said they have no way to add more at the store.

    We tried to work around it by creating a smart playlist containing only podcasts, but I think this model has something wrong with it. Sometimes podcasts don't show up in the playlist, and sometimes podcasts show up in the playlist but not in the Podcast menu, and the syncing gets all messed up.

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    We want to go buy a new Nano today, but not if it acts the same as the old one.

    Seriously, can't someone with a 5G Nano just play a podcast, jump to the end, and report back what happens when the podcast ends? Does it halt playback or does it go on to the next episode in the podcast?


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